A true bible of natural beauty, this new book My Natural Beauty Book compiles tips, tricks and recipes to be resplendent in everyday life. Conceived by the experts of the natural beauty that are Anne Ghesquière (founder of FemininBio) and Marie de Foucault (former editorial manager), this book is essential to reach its ultimate beauty!


I go to wheatgrass juice (or barley)

A true “magic potion”, this active and living food is very rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and chlorophyll: 5 cl of fresh wheatgrass juice = 5 kg of vegetables! Powerful detoxifier, it regenerates the body dramatically. Its enzymes help to assimilate nutrients and promote the alkalinity of the digestive system. Our energy and immunity are boosted by this superfood. To drink in the morning on an empty stomach.

5 slimming gestures: I practice quantitative moderation

I eat to my heart’s content but I never go back! The goal is not, of course, to starve, but to realize that we have the bad habit of eating too much.

The trick:

Use a small plate that you will fill well. You will have less the impression of restricting yourself than filling a large plate.

I practice mono-diet

Twice a week, preferably in the evening, make a meal consisting of only one healthy, seasonal food, which you will consume at will. For example applesauce or cherries (diuretics) or raw carrots (digestive) or whole rice.

Why ? To help your body to rest by relieving the digestive system and organs depuratives, and force it to tap into its reserves and therefore to destock fat.

5 slimming gestures: I suppress animal protein in the evening

I adopt the adage of “poor dinner”. No more fish, eggs or even cold cuts at night. Attention, the dinner should remain appetizing for you, so we play with the variety of food and diversity of colors: seasonal vegetables accompanied by a cereal (bulgur, quinoa, rice, etc.), dried fruit, sprouted seeds, tofu … something to be healthy and full of energy.

I suppress dairy products

An effort on dairy products will help the whole digestive system to lighten up, to better digest. Cow’s milk is poorly supported by our organisms and ferments in the digestive system, thus promoting the proliferation of bacteria. To compensate for the calcium intake, replace the milk with organic almonds, previously soaked overnight in water.