46 Great tips that every man should know

Life is made of all sorts of little troubles. Fortunately, there are simple ways to get around all the little galleys of everyday life! Here are a few. It’s so stupid and simple that it’s great, and for some we wonder how we did not think earlier!

1. Use a pant hanger as a clamp to close the packets of chips

2. Never to have the fly open again …

3. Freeze grapes to cool white wine without spoiling it with waterBecause ice is melting, and it’s done with water … And water is Evil.

4. Put two bowls at the same time in a small microwave

5. Recycle the cradle when kids grow up

6. Use a leaf blower and PVC pipe to clean gutters without ladders

7. The easiest way to make a hamburger with ice cream …

8. Great tips: Unclog a sink without expensive chemicals. The “Destop” homemade!

Pour half a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar into a clogged sink. Wait until it has finished lathering, then rinse the sink. A cheap and ecological way to open a sink!

9. When you need to hang something, photocopy the back to use as a template to make holes that fall straight.

10. Put a tea bag in stinky shoes

11. Prevent people from poking your pens at work. Place a blue ink cartridge in a red pen.Because nobody steals a red pen ….

12. By activating the airplane mode, your phone will charge twice as fast and will discharge half as fast!

13. Put an old newspaper in the bottom of your trash can to absorb the liquid

14. When warming leftovers, make a hole in the middle of the donut. Your food will heat evenly

15. Repairing the blurred camera of a phoneUse clear / glossy tape on the lens of the camera to fix focus / blur / avoid lens light refraction problems and improve image quality!

16.Great tips: Wrap a beer with wet toilet paper and put it in the freezer to cool in just 2 minutes

17. Amateur Do-It-Yourself: Never fart again!

18. Use a can opener to open hard-to-open plastic packaging

19. Put a little water in a glass when you heat a pizza in the microwave to prevent the crust is soft

20. After popping the popcorn in the microwave, just open the bag a little to knock out the beans that did not burst. Then, shake it on a bowl or over the trash

21. Rub a walnut on damaged wooden furniture to erase blemishes and other signs of wear

22. Make a lamp with a can

A standard flashlight attached to a water can illuminate an entire room or tent.

23. Use a staple remover to preserve your nails when you try to add stuff to your keychain

24. Determine which side will be the motorway exit

25. A frozen sponge saturated with water in a bag will make a pocket of ice that will not flow when it melts

26. Did you know? The containers of the Chinese take-out dishes are designed to become a plate …

27. Put a razor on old jeans to give it a new youth

28. Become a sandwich pro

29. Clean an old bottle of sunscreen and put your phone, your money, your keys to be quieter on the beach

30. Make a T-shirt in a flash.

Crumpled t-shirt? Put it in the dryer with some ice cubes for 5 minutes. Goodbye folds! 31. Become a real Fruit Ninja. Here’s how to cut cherry tomatoes in one go

32. Prevent pans from overflowingPlacing a wooden spoon over a pot of boiling water will invoke the spirits of the forest animals to create a magic shield that will prevent it from overflowing.

No, seriously, we do not really know what miracle it works, but you can try it at home … It works!

33. The drink lid can be used as a coasterAvoid having your mother push a whimper by spilling your cold coffee on her new coffee table.

34. Pinching the tip of a banana is by far the easiest way to open it.

35. Pour a tablespoon of baking soda when boiling eggs and the shell will come off very easily

36. If you do not have baking soda, then make a small hole over the boiled egg and a larger hole underneath. Then, blow through the small hole.

37. Place the clothes vertically to save space and see your entire wardrobe at a glance

38. Charge your phone while travelingMost TVs in hotels and other public places have USB ports on the back. It’s good to know, if you can not find a catch ….

39. Fold T-shirts like a pro.

40. Removing bones from chicken wings makes them easier to eat. Twist the bone and pull, then enjoy.

41. Place a plastic bottle over an egg and squeeze gently. Then, let the bottle suck the yellow to separate it from the white!

42. Optimize the space when you prepare your bag. An old scout thing!

43. Easy and fast iPhone speaker

44. Using an AAA Battery Charger for AA BatteriesUse AAA batteries in the AA battery chargers by filling the space with aluminum foil. It will not last as long as AA batteries but it will help you when you need it! (The editorial staff of Demotivateur declines any responsibility in case of accidental fire of your house)

45. Counter the joke of elevator buttons.

If someone makes a joke about pressing all elevator buttons, you can prevent the machine from stopping on each floor by pressing each button twice more.

46. ​​Play games without advertising.

Activating the air mode of your mobile phone will block annoying ads when you play!

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