4 ways apple cider vinegar will transform your life

The truth is that apple cider vinegar has never been proven as a cure for anything, and its health benefits are greatly exaggerated, but in moderation it has shown positive effects, including control of blood sugar and to reduce cravings. Here are the possible effects of apple cider vinegar on your body

1. Protect your esophagus …

Apple cider vinegar does not have a very pleasant taste, so there is no reason for you to drink it directly. It can leave a burning sensation or a tingling sensation in your esophagus with absolutely no positive effect, so it is recommended that you mix it with something to make the taste more tolerable.

If drinking is the method you prefer, it is recommended that for every tablespoon of cider vinegar you add 250 ml of water, this will remove the unpleasant taste and you will have a good drink to enjoy. In addition, you can use it to make salad dressings to stay healthy.

2. Drop the laxatives.

Surprisingly, the consumption of apple cider vinegar can help ease the problems of digestion, and even treat constipation. Drinking a glass of it has enough fiber to help ease the transit. The use of this use as a natural substitute for laxatives has spread quite rapidly in the population.

This is a milder method, and in some cases a more effective way to treat intestinal obstruction versus a laxative. For people who are not successful with laxatives, or for people who have too many negative side effects from laxatives, apple cider vinegar could be a very attractive option.

3. Your appetite will not be affected in this way

Although the effects are not significant, drinking apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach may cause discomfort. The taste of apple cider vinegar and very pronounced, so the vinegar can not be well digested if there is no food in your stomach to absorb it, which can cause vomiting.

It can also cause unwanted gas, bloating, and uncomfortable stomach swellings. You will find yourself doing burps all day long to reduce the pressure in your stomach. This unpleasant sensation may reduce your desire to snack, but the discomfort is not worth it.

4. Try this after a meal.

The effects are much more enjoyable if you drink the apple cider vinegar mix after a meal, or in addition to your meal as a dressing.

Having a food base will allow apple cider vinegar to be absorbed more gradually into your body avoiding the severe side effects you get when you eat it on an empty stomach.

Apple cider vinegar can actually be a mild and effective appetite suppressant when consumed this way. Drinking after a meal can help you feel fuller and minimize small cravings between meals. And unlike taking it before a meal, take it after controlling the appetite and will not make you feel any discomfort.

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