4 spiritual healing techniques that I use for my fight against depression

When I was diagnosed with depression, I was just a young adult who began his journey as a freshman at the university. I was at the university of my dreams away from home with a scholarship and the same dreams as another person. I had no reason to fall into depression, and yet I did it.

After suffering loneliness, anxiety, helplessness and seclusion, I finally asked for help. Once I received my diagnosis, I accepted the fact that I had to start attending individual and group therapy sessions.

Having been in therapy for about 2 years, I knew that controlling my health was not the finish line. I learned that depression was a lifelong battle, and that, just like addiction, relapse was always a possibility. For this reason, I have adopted 4 spiritual healing techniques to help me in my daily routine.

4 spiritual healing techniques that I use for my fight against depression:

Eat consciously

Eating three meals a day is both important and recommended, but how often do we respect that because of our schedule? After realizing this, I adopted a conscious diet. I eat between 5 and 6 times a day and I eat my meals in healthy and equal amounts.

With a more balanced meal schedule, I can also enjoy every portion of my meal and practice mindfulness by doing this, both by analyzing my body and examining my five senses while I eat my meal. I also drink natural and organic teas and infusions.


I discovered this technique quite recently. After having undergone a major surgery where I had three benign tumors removed from the abdomen last January, the state of my health put a lot of pressure on my mental health. My grandmother gave me two amethyst stones. I began rubbing these two stones on either side of my head (respectfully) whenever I felt that my anxiety would resurface. Slowly, but surely, these stones helped me relieve mental tension. I also wear an amethyst bracelet.

Meditation books

I like reading meditation books and articles that help me during my meditation practices. Although I have electronic media to guide my meditation, I find that reading helps to present everything from a better point of view.

Incense (Bio without glue)

Sometimes the most relaxing place is in our house. Whether it’s a long day’s work or just the overall comfort in your home, being at home is the best place. However, when you are dealing with mental health issues, they can sometimes give you an even greater sense of loneliness. It is for this reason that aromatherapy was an excellent therapeutic technique for me. Whenever I feel that my emotions become too strong and that I am at home, I alternate between burning sticks of incense and lighting candles to relieve my anxieties.

Although these techniques have helped me fight a healthy battle against my depression, I think in the end that these are techniques that can be used by anyone to be in touch with their mental and spiritual health.

This article is based solely on testimonials, culture, and personal experience of the author (s).

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