4 reasons you should have intimate relationships every day

When it comes to intimate relationships, we often only have one thing that comes to mind instead of all the health benefits that come with being intimate with another person. However, there are certain things to know when you have relationships as often as possible, it can really give you the boost you need, whether physically, emotionally or mentally.

An emotional booster

Having relationships is the ultimate surrender of your emotions to someone else. By giving him all your raw feelings you show him how he makes you feel. Even if you do not say “I love you” it does not mean it was a missed experience. Being able to connect with other human beings in a setting as intense as the intimate relationship can really boost your emotions, your happiness, your joie de vivre and the desire to practice more of this kind of pleasure.

Physical improvements

Having intimate relationships as often as you can can work wonders on your physical health. Essentially when you have relationships, you strengthen your cardiovascular system as well as your legs, hips, back and muscles. Not to mention the calories you burn while you’re busy.

A mental stability

When you feel stressed, cornered, or just in a weird state of mind, an intimate relationship can restore all your positive thoughts and even get rid of all your doubts. This may seem hard to do in times of stress, but with hugs you will begin to release a hormone that is known as oxytocin, and dopamine that will wipe out all your stress.

Intimate relationships help keep one’s youth

By having relationships as often as you can, you have already made a good start in challenging your eternal clock. In women, intercourse triggers a chemical process that produces a growth hormone that helps to stay young.

Hope this has inspired you to be a little more active in today’s society for your overall health.

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