4 infallible characteristics to recognize a narcissistic pervert

Fashionable nowadays, manipulation has always existed. Tool sometimes essential to capture the attention of an audience or know how to behave in society, the emotional manipulation destroys the one who undergoes it. Manipulators and manipulators, men and women are both concerned and are the subject of many articles or reports.

What is it really about this type of individual? What is the manipulator looking for in the other? Are you in the presence of a spouse with this disorder? You will find below the main signs. If you recognize them, one tip: FUYEZ!

1st characteristic: Aggressiveness exacerbated

The narcissistic pervert is never satisfied with anything. Whatever your words or deeds, nothing will be good enough for him or her. Hate is the cement of his existence. He draws his resources and strength from aggression. A manipulator is always jealous of the happiness of others since he can not get his. He will therefore tend to destroy what he loves.

A natural, healthy relationship is impossible for a narcissistic pervert . These men and women are unable to love. Despite a pleasant image in society, the manipulators are not happy, they do not know happiness. Everything is fake: their pleasant and fragile appearance, their sociability, their kindness.

The aim of the manipulator is to “triumph” over the other. He is then ready for all the ruses, all the stratagems to achieve it. His goal being to destroy, he enjoys suffering imposed on the other.

Aggression is an effective way of showing their chronic dissatisfaction. It is through hatred and attack that the manipulator avoids his own pain, his own pain.

Absence of empathy

The narcissistic perverts are unable to love others , even their own spouse. They are cold, calculating beings who feel total indifference to making others suffer. They are nevertheless very good at simulating tenderness and gentleness, having a lot of attention in the beginning of a relationship (gifts, flowers or other). Their attentions are always superficial “outbreaks” motivated by immediate satisfaction. Manipulators get tired of their “prey” very quickly.

The narcissistic perverts do not know true sincere feelings. The perverse seduction does not involve affectivity, a manipulator will never really engage. His investment will be surface. On the other hand, disappointments lead to an immense fault for their ego. They can become angry, animate desire for revenge and resentment. If he feels hurt, he will never stop taking revenge on the culprit who has disappointed or left him.

On the contrary, a manipulator who leaves will show no compassion for the suffering of the other. Like a ball too bulky, you will be eliminated from his life quickly

Admire yourself to better sink

A manipulator always incenses his “victim” at the beginning of a relationship. You are adorned with all the qualities, you are the most handsome, the most sympathetic, the most talented. You seem to be his only center of interest and the world revolves around you. Beware! This will only serve him to better reach you later and create a surprise effect. Its purpose is to put you in doubt and misunderstanding.

Very seductive, he will use his strengths to impose and make himself indispensable in your life. And the harder will be the fall. When the manipulator becomes aggressive and changes behavior, you do not understand. He will then say, “you are mad / crazy,” “I can not argue with you.” Most of the time, he will be forgiven, however, because he knows how to be forgiven, to be friendly, blowing hot and cold. His behavior will become a transient mistake put on the account of fatigue, stress. As we often say, nobody is perfect!

Serious mistake, the manipulator likes the contradiction and will make it his main asset to use your morale and vampiriser your energy. The victim you are exhausted will find solutions or explanations. But there is none.

Moral harassment of the perverse manipulator

The manipulator often reverses the roles, becoming a victim instead of a hangman. During separations for example, he will be the poor abandoned victim, which allows them to find another partner quickly enough who wants to “comfort” them.

The manipulator will often go to sensitive women, maternal, who wish to take care of this “lost animal”. This is just an illusion to better put you under his control and manipulate you as he pleases.

The perversion lies in the fact that it establishes an addiction of the other towards him. He will have requirements that his spouse will never be able to satisfy. The demand often exceeds the capacity of the spouse who will then be seen as an incapable person, a person who can not be counted on.

Another tactic of moral harassment will be to isolate his victim from his entourage, his friends, his family, to no longer have as a single point of inking that his spouse … So isolated, the victim can suffer all the bullying of manipulator. A tip: keep your loved ones!

In conclusion, do not forget that the narcissistic pervert is a good actor and that he can hide behind a person of apparently harmless appearance. It is in any case a person with whom you have a close connection and who manipulates you, hurts you and you can not get rid of it. The tips above will be very valuable to you. Keep them in a corner of your head …

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