3 things to know about mothers who gave birth by caesarean section

You may think that a caesarean is a common procedure, but it is considered major surgery. And like all types of major surgeries, cesarean sections also carry risks for both mother and child.

In addition, it is very difficult for the future father or family members to be present in the operating room at birth. They may be alone, without the possibility of support, and filled with uncertainty.

There is no better example of battle than one where fear and loneliness struggle internally against the strength, will and unconditional love these women endure to bring this wonderful baby to life.

2 They do not know if everything is fine until they leave the operating room

As in any surgical operation, doctors can not determine if everything went well until anesthesia is complete.

In addition, there is one detail that many people do not know. During a caesarean section, the mother is conscious, she does not feel the pain, but she feels everything that happens inside her. It is an invasive uncomfortable sensation, and if you have not been warned, it can be traumatic. Despite this, they keep their heads high because they know that the reward is well worth it.

Cesarean birth

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3 They recover from their cesarean section as true heroines

When a child is born, a mother’s world revolves around him and she submits to her demands without asking questions. This requires a predisposition and a logistics that are often exhausting. Imagine that you had to do all this by suffering. Pain and discomfort are inevitably part of the recovery process after surgery.

This makes them even stronger and makes them develop a certain inner strength.

No matter how difficult it is, they do it with a smile and with all the love of the world. Because every minute of insomnia, the diapers they change, the smiles and the ability to hold that little hand, feel your breath, and that wonderful baby smell are worth it.

We applaud all those mothers who are scarred so they never forget what they did. Wear this scar with pride, do not hide it, because not all women have this privilege.

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