3 Natural Remedies for Cough and Bronchitis

The effectiveness of banana cream has been proven in the treatment of persistent cough and bronchitis. It is particularly effective on children, but also on adults. The banana is tasty, healthy and very nutritious but is also beneficial for the stomach.

Peel 2 ripe bananas. Crush them with a fork or spoon (preferably wood or plastic so that the banana is not darkened). Add 2 tablespoons honey and mix well. Pour 400 ml of boiling water, cover the container and let stand for 30 minutes. Filter the mixture with a plastic strainer.

The mixture should be consumed 4 times a day at a rate of 100 ml every 2 hours. In a few days, the cough disappears.

Natural Remedies for Cough and Bronchitis

2.Onion under the bed

Does your baby or child cough a lot at night? Know that there is a simple and natural way, which has been proven, to relieve him.

It is a grandmother’s remedy that consists of peeling an onion, cutting it in half, putting it on a small plate and then placing it under the bed of the baby or sick child.

The effectiveness of this remedy is amazing: it really prevents coughing. To test without hesitation in case of need. Too bad for the smell in the room!

Natural Remedies for Cough and Bronchitis

3.Catplasm of mustard:

Against rheumatism and bronchitis

Mustard poultice – against rheumatism


– Buy mustard seeds (our picture), then grind them to obtain a flour.

You can also buy mustard flour directly.

Mustard Poultice – Grandma’s Remedies


– Add some cold to lukewarm water (but no hot or boiling water) to the mustard flour until you obtain a paste

– Wrap the mixture in a towel to make a poultice


– In case of rheumatism, apply the poultice on the painful areas for about 15 minutes, remove as soon as there is a strong burning sensation.

Mustard poultice – for bronchitis- In case of bronchitis or coughing, apply the poultice to the chest for about 15 minutes.

Caution, this mixture is contraindicated in children / adolescents under 15 years (it can be too irritating in these young patients).

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