3 Foods that you should not consume

In our day, it is very important to read food labels to check what you buy and eat. Some foods contain substances harmful to health. Here are some that must be avoided.

3 Foods that you should not consume:

The pâté

The worst and least expensive meat is the one used for making pie. About 50% of the pie is made of water, fat, skins, offal, starch, salt and spices. The pâté contains large amounts of salt and dextrose that mask the taste of salt.

The vegetarian pie also contains substances harmful to health. It is rich in vegetable oil and the percentage of fat is often higher than that of the ordinary.

Foods that you should not consume:

Substitutes for chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most beneficial foods for the body because it contains cocoa, a substance rich in antioxidants. These slow down the aging of cells and phytonutrients that can increase blood flow to the brain, protect blood vessels, improve mood and concentration.

Products that do not have enough cocoa, can not be declared as chocolate, but as substitutes for chocolate. These products contain more sugar and cocoa and instead of butter, they mainly use hydrogenated vegetable fats or palm oil.

Although chocolate contains about 50% sugar, because of its high fat content, it does not cause a quick reaction to insulin.

It is recommended to consume chocolate with a high cocoa content. Sugar consumption should be limited to enjoy good health.

Soy products

Soy contains a lot of anti-nutrients such as phytic acid that prevents the absorption of minerals such as zinc and magnesium. Although they are high in soy protein, these products also contain a protein inhibitor. If these products are not consumed adequately, they may cause dangerous diseases, especially in men. Men should avoid these products because they reduce testosterone production and increase the production of other female hormones.

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