3 essential steps to free yourself from emotional attachment

So I plunged into my emotional body because my heart could not stand it. The pain and inner turmoil was so intense that I felt like my chest was tearing apart and it was when I fell to my knees and gave up my pain, that I experienced awakening spiritual and enlightenment.

So I am proof that if you let your heart guide you through the trials and tribulations of the world, it will lead you to the path you ultimately seek.

This conscious evolution and enlightenment will come much more easily if we have all the appropriate teachings and tools.

So here are 3 steps to free yourself from emotional attachments and why it’s so important.

Free yourself from an emotional attachment:

1. End the distractions

TV, radio, magazines and social media sites (which do not teach you anything). It is an emotional addiction and they are there to keep your mind immersed in your body. They want us to continue thinking in a certain way, making us feel a certain way, stuck in a feedback loop of negativity.

Think about your favorite song and how it makes you feel. Each song arouses an emotion in you, this emotion is triggered by a memory, the memory produces a thought and the thought generates a feeling. All this is the great illusion that prevents you from realizing that you are a conscious creator. It keeps your mind immersed in your body of thought and feeling and the cycle continues. This is the main purpose of the media. In fact, it’s the number one sales strategy.

The more you engage in this cycle, the longer it will take to overcome your own emotional dependence on the pain and suffering in which you live.

Free yourself from emotional attachment

2. Give him the necessary attention

It is common in hurtful situations that one tries to avoid pain and stifle memories. But by stifling memories, they will manifest themselves negatively and wreak havoc on other aspects of our lives. This being the number one reason, it is essential to submit to the healing of the inner child.

By accepting our pain, we become aware that we can be healed. When we accept our pain, we can then allow our own growth. We grow more through difficult experiences, so it is essential to accept it as best as possible. So sit down with yourself, understand, understand why you feel so, understand your pain and do not try to hide it.

3. Awareness

Once you have accepted your pain, the time has come for you to free yourself from the negative way of thinking and to do so you have to understand it.

Whenever we have a thought, we create a chemical in the brain and, as a result, we create a chemical reaction. Just like physical dependence, we can become dependent on the chemical reactions in our body and we become accustomed to feeling in a certain way depending on how we think.

That’s why when we feel stuck in negative thought patterns, it’s also hard to break a physical dependency. Our body becomes dependent on the chemicals we have created. When you are aware of this feature, you can determine your action plan, and break the addiction.

By consciously changing the way we think we can redirect a self-destructive thought and create new and more positive chemical reactions in the body.

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