27 photographs of dogs seen from below!

Andrius Burba had already made his name known for his three other Under-cats, Under-rabbits and Under-horse projects, which paid tribute to the undersides of cats, rabbits and horses, respectively. This time, the dogs are the muses of the artist.

To get to photograph them from below, the photographer made a glass table strong enough to support the weight of big dogs.

While some dogs were dynamic on the floor, they changed completely on the glass and came to rest. Others were not afraid to stand on it, and it was easy and fun to work with them, “testified Andrius Burba on BoredPanda.

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Placed above, the animals had only to pose while the photographer, under the table, took his pictures, as shown in this video:

Here are 27 photographs of dogs seen from below:

Image crédit: Andrius Burba

All the works of Andrius Burba are visible on his Facebook page, Instagram, his portfolio, and we can even buy them online!

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