20 tips and tricks that will change the way you clean!

Doing the housework takes time, it’s painful, and it feels like you never see the end … Well thanks to these 20 little tips, you will save so much time that you will be able to make you soft at sun on your sunbed.

Here are the 20 tips and tricks that will change the way you clean up

1. Clean a grill with an onion

Take a half onion and rub it against the hot grill using a kitchen utensil. Not only will this remove the grease, but your next grill will be pleasantly scented

2. Clean a mixer

Fill the mixer with water and a drop of dishwashing liquid, and switch on the machine. Empty, rinse with clear water. Completed.

3. Clean the vomit with a vacuum cleaner

Evening a little (too) watered? Mayonnaise – banana mussels have not gone well? No problem, just mix a little baking soda with water to form a kind of paste that you spread on the ugly task. Leave all this in place during the night, in the morning you can vacuum all and find a carpet fresher than ever.

4. Pick up broken glass

A slice of bread will allow you to pick up the smallest pieces of glass. As a bonus, you are not likely to hurt yourself (avoid eating sandwich afterwards!)

5. Clean the ceiling fans

An old pillowcase is quite suitable for cleaning the blades. Hold it at the base and slide it outward to trap all the dust at one time

6. A new life for your leather armchairs and sofas

Shoe wax also works great on any other leather item … And it works miracles on worn armchairs!

7. Clean the dishwasher

Rotate your dishwasher at high temperature with a glass of white vinegar on the top compartment. You can add a little baking soda all the way down

8. Clean a mattress

Yes, it may sound a bit weird, but it’s very effective. Vodka should be sprayed very lightly and everywhere on the mattress, then air-dried. Alcohol kills the bacteria responsible for bad smells.

9. Remove deposits in the bath or shower tray

Cut a grapefruit in half, and sprinkle with salt, as well as the surface to be cleaned. Use the fruit to scrub like a sponge, and watch the nasty tasks go away effortlessly

10. Remove moisture marks from the hair dryer.

Remove as much moisture as possible with a towel and then dry in a humid place. The mark should disappear.

11. Clean this machine effortlessly

Once you have finished using it, unplug and place one or two damp sopalins inside. Once the machine has completely cooled down, open and wipe the inside.

12. Clean sponges

2 minutes in the microwave at high temperature will eliminate most of the bacteria. It is also possible to pass the recalcitrant sponge in the dishwasher.

13. Pick up the hair like a boss

With a squeegee on the carpet, you will get all the hair of your dog, your cat (your boyfriend?) Including those of which you did not suspect the existence … Attention, we are sometimes surprised by what we find…

14. Dry shoes and gloves quickly

Rolled newspapers will dry the inside of your shoes absorbing moisture. It also works with grains of raw rice …

15. Remove grease from fabric with chalk

Never be afraid to stain with fat! Cover your mistake with chalk, wait a few minutes and then wipe with a damp cloth.

16. The miracle of the sofa resurfaced

First, a shot of household alcohol spray. Then rub with a new sponge. Finally, brush hard to clean the fibers thoroughly. Miracle!

17. Clean a pepper (or coffee) mill

These things are known to be impossible to clean … Yet just mill a tablespoon of baking soda, then rinse well. You will be surprised at the result

18. Clean an oven while sleeping

Place a bowl filled with ammonia in a completely cold oven. Leave it all night. In the morning, you just have to spend a sponge

19. Dust with an antistatic cloth

Dust is charged with static electricity, which is why it clings to objects. With an antistatic cloth, not only will you dislodge it effectively, but you will unload your furniture, TV screens and other objects from their static electricity … which will repel dust, at least for a while.

20. Easily remove all types of tasks that adorn your carpet, better than in TV ads

Two-thirds of water, one-third of white vinegar, mix everything and balance it on the task. Cover with a damp cloth, then iron. BOOM

That’s it, you’re dead armed, ready to face all the challenges of everyday life. With these little tricks, nothing will scare you! Do not forget to share this article with your friends … They too might need it!

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