20 things girls do and men do not have any idea

3. Watch yourself crying in the mirror at least once during a big depressed session . Yeah, after being in tears for 20 minutes, you want to at least know if you’re pretty when you cry. Most of the time, the experience is rather disappointing …

4. Hold her breasts while rushing down the stairs.

5. Give small names to her breasts.

6. Let the hair grow on your legs, as long as you do not show them to anyone …

7. Admire the beauty of another girl, while at the same time being incredibly jealous.

8. Spend a lot of time spraying your eyebrows trying to pull off a single stubborn hair.


9. Make a striptease alone in front of her mirror to train. To promise never to do this for someone, never. Then break his promise.

10. When no one is watching, readjust their bra , slip one hand in, raise one breast and then the other, readjust the shoulder straps before tightening everything in place.

11. Cry for absolutely no valid reason, then feel silly.

12. In a public restroom, pretend not to be there and try to make no noise if someone comes in too. Hold back, until the intruder is gone.

13. Having flopped at least once with her mascara.

14. Squat in the manner of a baseball catcher to stretch and soften freshly washed jeans.

15. Before an appointment, start preparing at least 2 or 3 hours before, to make sure you are ready on time. Then be forced to run ten minutes before leaving, after realizing that we are still not dressed and made up just one side.

16. Trapping water in her breasts in the shower, then drop everything on her feet.

17. Go to bed much later than planned, just because the nail polish you applied 10 minutes ago is not quite dry yet and you do not want to wake up with nails disgusting next day

18. Do math in the morning to calculate the time you still need to sleep , the time you need to take a shower, and whether it’s really worth it, or if you’d better to go back to bed and make a bun to go to work ..

19. After shaving, put on pajamas that are soft and silky.

20. This feeling of intense relief when you take off your bra after a long day and you scratch your back. Simply the best moment of the day.

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