20 Photos that prove that trees are true forces of nature

Trees, these living things, are often misunderstood by men, although they are essential for our survival. We are still neglecting all this life on Earth that allows us to live and has given us life.

The news does not reassure us, but it is never too late to do well. Let’s hope that one day we will live up to what nature brings us, that’s what we want the most in the world. One day, finally, we all cohabit peacefully and intelligently.

Awareness is not that difficult, and respect for nature begins with simple gestures that everyone can do on a daily basis. I strongly believe that teaching should put a matter more in our schools, the ecology, it would perhaps allow to understand from an early age the importance of our actions for our planet.

However, despite our behavior and our passivity to do something to preserve the treasure of life, nature continues to fight in silence. This is what shows us this series of photos that as you will see, shows how nature adapts and manages to survive despite sometimes very complicated conditions.

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