20 photos of nature winning the battle against civilization

You may have to plant flowers in your garden to do an action for nature, but the plants grow everywhere if you give them enough time. If you have abandoned your home today and are returning many years later, you may find trees as soon as you enter the room, and plants or stalks of beans growing on your old floor.

The plants are incredibly stubborn and can reach the most unlikely places as long as they have a source of sun and water. Man-made objects, buildings and entire cities are not a problem for the rapid growth of plant life. Watch these incredible photos of nature winning the battle against civilization.

The Bicycle Tree

This bike now permanently belongs to a tree on Vashion Island in Washington.

Life after the railroad

Located in Paris, this old railway has been abandoned for a long time, allowing the beauty of nature to grow and prosper in the place of humans.

Abandoned shopping center

A commercial center of Bangkok, this place is now taken by large schools of fish.

An abandoned Ferris wheel

This big wheel is more beautiful than ever now that it has a growing foliage, it is simply the ideal model.

Abandoned castle

When the occupants of this mansion near Kilgarvan, Ireland, abandoned their royal excavations, a plethora of beautiful plants were waiting to grow in their place.

Hong Kong trees in buildings

Abandoned railway in Paris

This inner city railroad used to provide transport for the Parisian population. After being abandoned, a lot of pretty flowers were lucky to grow in!

Italy an abandoned mill

This old mill has been abandoned for a long time in Sorrento, it looks more like a factory since the vegetation covered the cliff.

Ghost town in Ukraine Pripyat,

Once a bustling city center, Chernobyl is now a radioactive ghost town inhabited only by trees and plants.

Mining town that turns into a ghost town

In Namibia, there was once a prosperous mining town. The miners have been removed from the Namibian desert. Give him enough time and this whole city will be entirely covered with sand for the future civilizations that will have to dig it up.

Where cars will die

This old car cemetery in Belgium looks like an abandoned traffic line in the middle of a tree-lined forest.

Abandoned city, Kamchatka, Russia

This building was in a fishing village. Since his days of glory, the waters have rushed in, slowly cleaning him from all traces of the city …

An abandoned hotel

A unique look inside a building invaded by nature.

Cooling tower in Belgium

An abandoned ship in Australia

Located in Sydney, Australia, a 102-year-old abandoned ship could contain more animals than Noah’s Ark!

Abandoned railway station in Abkhazia, Georgia

This Georgian train station was built with attention for every detail, and then it was abandoned. So much so that, nature has come in and added its own details, including an abundance of colors to make up for all the white.

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