19 uses of Tiger Balm that you probably do not know

For hundreds of years, herbalists and doctors of traditional Chinese medicine have used several medicinal plants to relieve external pain in the form of cream, oil, medicinal lotion or poultice. Aw Chu Kin, an herbalist from Rangoon, studied different kinds of ointments and found that the mixture of camphor, cloves and menthol brought real relief. The Tiger Balm was born. His son, Aw Boon Haw, seeing the potential of this preparation, moved to Singapore in 1926 and turned this handcrafted remedy into a brand name renowned throughout the world. An undeniable success story of traditional Chinese medicine, this remedy is used by millions of people in many countries around the world.

Today, most people think that this Tiger Balm is an old-fashioned grandmother’s remedy.

But people born before the 80s know that it offers many health benefits.

Indeed, it is one of the best remedies that has been proven for hundreds of years.

The original Tiger Balm was created in Burma in the 1870s by a Chinese herbalist, Aw Chu Kin.

The balm contains menthol from peppermint oil , the clove oil , the oil of cajeput and camphor.

The real tiger balm is actually a mixture of:

  • camphor (between 17 and 25%),
  • menthol (8 to 12%),
  • essence of cajeput (between 6 and 8%),
  • mint oil (between 8 and 10%),
  • clove oil (between 1% and 2%) and
  • blackcurrant essence for the red balm (between 1 and 2%) and essence of eucalyptus for the white balm.
  • Finally, paraffin is used to fix the ointment (40 to 42% of the product).

Here are 19 uses of Tiger Balm that you probably do not know:

1. Relieves mosquito bites

A mosquito stung you? No problem !

The balm can help you soothe the itch by applying it directly to the sting.

Warning: We have been reported the case of a very serious complication following an application on a wound, so be careful, it is strongly discouraged to apply it on a wound because the balm is not systematically sterile. Talk to your pharmacist when you buy it.

2. Insect Repellent

It is a very effective repellent . Indeed, mosquitoes and wasps hate its pronounced odor.

Put a box of Tiger Balm in the four corners of the room during the summer, and leave the lid open.

Insects will never enter a room that smells like this

3. Exterminates termites

Wooden or bamboo furniture affected by xylophages can be treated with Tiger Balm to get rid of it.

Put some balm in all the termite holes of the affected furniture, and they will die.

4. Relieves rheumatism

For those who have rheumatism pain , it can be used as an analgesic.

How? By applying it directly in the lower back , legs, and directly on sore muscles .

Apply the balm as many times as necessary.

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5. Removes paint stains

You have painted at home and now you have paint stains on your hands and arms.

You can not remove them? No need to use chemicals.

Put some Tiger Balm on a cloth and rub your skin thoroughly with it.

After a few minutes, the paint will start to dissolve and you can easily remove it.

6. Fight against perspiration odors

Did you know that it is possible to greatly reduce the odor of perspiration through prolonged use of Tiger Balm?

Regularly apply the balm to the parts of your body that need it and the bad body odor will disappear.

7. Heals diarrhea

When traveling abroad, diarrhea quickly arrives.

To treat it, rub some Tiger Balm in and around the belly button.

Then, cover the navel with the palm of your hand for two or three minutes to allow the heat to spread on the belly.

You can also spend some balm between the coccyx and the anal area for more efficiency.

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8. Soothes sore throats

At the first sign of a sore throat, generously apply balm around the neck area before sleeping.

Rub your neck gently with the palm of your hand.

As a result, your sore throat will be a bad memory the next morning.

9. Heals a toothache

If you have a tooth pain, the solution is to apply some Tiger Balm directly into your mouth.

How? Put some balm on a clean cloth and rub the area around the tooth that hurts.

10. Calm light burns

For mild burns of the skin , lightly apply the balm to the affected areas.

It will help you to relieve pain and avoid blisters. The sooner it is applied, the faster the burn will heal.

11. Heals the horns

The corns and callosities of the feet can disappear thanks to regular use of the Tiger Balm.

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