19 strange situations that bilingual people face every day

2. You have a package of accents. People can never say where you are coming from because your accent does not sound really French but it does not sound strange either. You constantly have confused looks.

3. Your friends introduce you as their “exotic” or “international” friend, and suddenly you feel the pressure to respect that label and act accordingly. It’s a fight.

4. You change your language involuntarily in the middle of a conversation. You will not even notice that you have changed your language in the middle of the conversation until the person you are talking to begins to look at you confused.

5. Be the mediator with friends. When you bring together friends who speak your language and friends who do not, your main task will be to translate and explain what others are saying.

6. Your sense of humor can confuse people because everything you say is literally lost in translation.

7. You use your language as a defense mechanism to get out of embarrassing situations. You end up saying “it would have been funnier in …. Or “if we had this argument in …. I would have totally proved my point of view. “

8. You never know in which language to answer the phone.

9. When your friends take a picture with you, they want you to write the caption in your language.

10. If you watch something on TV and the character speaks your language, people look at you and smile, and you must smile cheerfully in return.

11. When you hear a word that looks like your language, you assume it has the same meaning. But you always check on Google.

12. You have the impression of having two personalities; one for each language.

13. You automatically become the political expert in everything related to your language. You feel the need to take advantage of your general knowledge about your area because you know that people will come to ask you all kinds of questions about anything and everything.

14. Expressing yourself becomes a dilemma when you try to use certain expressions of your language but can not really translate them, so you try to find a middle ground and finally it makes no sense, or you invent new expressions.

15. Pronouncing your name is a daily problem, not to mention the fact that you will have to explain what your name means and where it comes from.

16. You feel the need to become automatically more friendly with people who speak your language.

17. You have more than one keyboard on your phone and you have to constantly change them.

18. You can not listen to a song without having to translate its meaning to your friends and realize mid-way that it’s not as moving as you think when you translate the text.

19. When you return to your country, people make fun of your “weak” or “old” language. It’s a loser-loser situation.

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