17 signs that prove your mother is the coolest in the world

Everyone loves her mom very much, everyone cares for her, and everyone says “my mom is the best in the world!” “. Well if you recognize yourself in the following 17 points, then yes, your mother is a rare pearl!

17 signs that you have the world’s coolest mom

1. Your mom is one of your best friends

She is the first to know when there are new things in your life, and you regularly go out together. For example, my mom and I, from time to time we will eat sushi and even at the movies.

2. But your mother always makes sure to be your mom before being your girlfriend

Even if you are “best friends”, she is your mom before being your girlfriend, and even if you do not really like it, it means that she will always act in your interest. My mom is not only there to laugh together in front of a movie, but also and especially to put me in my place when I need it.

3. You can always count on your mother to listen to you

If you are going through a period of grief or need advice, you know it will be there for you. She will always listen to you, and without any judgment.

4. Your mom is your biggest fan

My mom is always there to encourage me and push me to surpass myself, whatever happens

Do you have a dream? So there is a good chance your mom is here for you to realize. She will not stop motivating you to get there until it happens.

5. You have the best private joke

You are always sneering. In fact, it’s a bit like a show to see you both and observe your complicity. My mom and I are always teasing each other.

6. You always stay with your mom at family gatherings

Who else will you keep awake when Aunt Susie talks about her cat for long minutes, if not her? I always stick to my mom like glue during family meals.

7. Your mom always puts family first

Although she has a great career and a busy social life, the family comes first. She was never late when it came to picking us up at school, she never forgot a birthday, because it is the priority of her life.

8. Your mom calls very often to find out how you are going

She needs to know how it goes in your life, and how you go in your head. And if you ever say anything other than “it’s great,” she will do everything in her power to rectify the situation.

9. Your mom always keeps an eye on you.

She’s never choking on you, but you know she’s always watching you to make sure you’re on the right track. She tries to stay reasonable and to remember that she too was young.

10. Your mom lets you make mistakes, but she is still there to fall back on your feet.

From time to time, my mother lets me cash a break or a hard blow, and I know how hard it is for her to see that. She knows that I have to make my own experience to grow and evolve. But in case, she never far away.

A cool mom knows she can not live in your place, and she also knows that you are going out with the wrong boy, having hard shots and dealing with disappointments. But inevitably, she will be there to dry your tears.

11. Your mom knows she is a big kid, just more mature and wiser than you

A good mom does not claim to have been perfect all her life. It is not excessively repressive, because it is also human. She made the same mistakes as you, and she knows you’re going to do them yourself. She uses her experience to help you when you need it.

12. Everyone loves your mom

Your friends want to go out and do activities with your mom, they have already made the urge to invite him several times. My friends asked me to invite my mom to my New Year’s party, and that’s not a joke.

13. Your mom is very funny

She is very well aware of what is happening, and found the middle ground between being “in” and staying wise and strong. The result is a fabulous sense of humor.

14. Even when your mom gets upset, you think you care a lot about her.

If your mom is like mine, then from time to time she has to get you out of your house. But even when it happens, you can not love it any less.

15. Your answer to “who is your greatest hero? Is still “my mom”

She is your Wonder Women, she is strong and will be your example for all your life.

16. You can not imagine what you would be without your mom

Your mom did everything for you. It’s hard to dissociate who you are from the person who helped you become what you became. I try to imagine my life without my mom, and it’s just impossible.

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