16 surprising reasons why humans are actually herbivores

In France, we eat 50 kilos of beef every second, or 1.55 million tons of meat a year, 18% of which are imported, despite the importance of cattle farming in France. This represents 55 grams of beef per day per person. The French consume in 2011 7% less meat than in 1998. (Source)

In 2012, the US Department of Agriculture claimed that the average American had consumed 35.6 kg of red meat and 27 kg of poultry. Today, most people eat meat at their daily meals, but previous generations have survived by eating meat only once or twice a week.

This overconsumption and this dependence on meat has led researchers to ask the following question: are we supposed to be herbivores? This thinking comes from the damage that the treatment of meat causes to our environment and the body.

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Humans :

1. We chew from one side to the other. Like other herbivores (cows for example), and unlike omnivores who can not chew their food this way.

2. The bad cholesterol comes only from the consumption of products of animal origin.

3. The human tongue does not have fat or meat receptors. This means that we can not taste anything when we eat raw meat. We taste salt and seasonings, but no animal products.


4. Many doctors believe that humans are herbivores. The doctor. William C Roberts believes that the consumption of animal products harms our health and clogs our arteries.

5. In a study where herbivores began to consume animal products, they began to have clogged arteries. It will not do it to your dog.

6. Herbivores have an ideal weight. They are the only category of human to have a healthy BMI.

7. Psychologically, humans are herbivores because most people are disgusted with blood, guts. Omnivores and carnivores are not disgusted when they see these things.

8. When vegan gut bacteria were studied, researchers found that it contained the healthiest bacteria. Once vegans started eating meat, they quickly developed harmful types of bacteria.

9. The intestines of herbivores and humans are 10-12 times the length of the body and the intestines of omnivores are only 4-6 times the length of their bodies.

10. Many people say that if humans were supposed to be herbivores, vitamin B12 would not come only from meat. The truth is that B12 comes from bacteria in the soil, this is how many herbivores get it. Many vegans choose to just take a supplement.

11. The people of Okinawa in Japan are one of the most herbivorous crops on the planet and they are also the ones who live the longest. It can not be a coincidence.

12. Our teeth do not have the same shape as other meat eaters, especially our canines. They are not made to pierce the skin and eat flesh.

The omnivores:

13. Omnivores have large molars that are made to break bones.

14. Omnivores open their mouths and throats to swallow whole meat. Humans have a much smaller mouth opening, and a small throat, just like other herbivores.

15. Like herbivores, humans have a PH between 4 and 5. Omnivores, on the other hand, have a pH of 1, which is used to digest meat. For example, a wolf can devour 10kg of meat in one meal. Which would mean that humans should eat more than 100 hamburgers in one meal.

16. The stomachs of omnivores are 2/3 the size of their digestive system, while humans and other herbivores have a stomach that is ¼ the size of the digestive system.

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