15 signs that indicate you are happier than you think

1. You laugh easily, you want to talk to people. People who are happy tend to be more talkative, it’s almost as if they want to share their happiness with people, or connect with them to another level. It is a sign that your heart and mind are open.

2. From time to time, you look around and feel bad about not being thankful for everything you have. We are all guilty of this of course, but if you can honestly say that you often have to remember how good you are, you are much happier than you think.

3. You give advice to those who find themselves in the same position as you. It means you have knowledge to share. It means that you have really gone through something and now retain some kind of wisdom. This means that you are able to see in retrospect, and have enough perspective to help others who are still there.

4. There is no justified crisis in your life, so you spend your time worrying about insignificant things, you think you are upset, that there are things that go rather badly. We like to make sense of our experiences to feel more than just amoeba, but that does not always benefit us the way we want.

5. You are ready to apologize and move on. When all is well, it’s over.

6. Nothing prevents you to sleep at night. If at the end of the day, no matter what happened in the previous hours, you have the ability to drop everything, close your eyes and have faith in tomorrow, you unconsciously accept the item the most important of happiness: unconditional acceptance.

7. You can look back and feel gratitude and pride for going through a difficult time. Sometimes we go into defense mode and stay there even after something traumatic has happened because we are waiting for the next terrible thing. It is a naturally effective coping mechanism, if, you know, we still had legitimate problems of survival in fleeing or fighting mode, but in modern life, it only spoils the time you have to spend without being unfortunate.

8. You are happy with what you have. As I have said a hundred times, if you wait until everything is perfect to be happy, you will wait forever. To be happy really means that you accept everything that comes your way, you experience things, you let the universe give and take what it needs. In the end, you still agree.

9. Even when it’s frustrating, you do the job you love, even if it’s just once in a while and even if it’s just a hobby. If you can take the time for the things that make you happy, and more importantly, you know what these things are, you’ve discovered what people spend years searching for: meaning.

10. You found yourself smiling while you were alone.If you want to see how you feel about something, start to notice your facial expressions and others when no one is there to look at you or judge you .

11. You are looking forward to the future, but no more than you appreciate where you are right now. It is a narrow line, but what we all need is both to appreciate the present moment and to hope that there are things that deserve to be clung to. You can not have happiness without one of them.

12. The little things really bring you joy. Your morning coffee made you feel very calm and happy, but you ignored it, because it’s stupid to have a cup of coffee to make you happy, is not it? Learning to feel that, and not letting your logic take over, is what will immerse you in the happiness you experience without knowing it.

13. You have a healthy relationship in your life. I do not necessarily mean romantic. But if you have one or two beautiful unconditional friendships or other relationships in your life, you are luckier than you think. All it takes is to imagine your life without these people to realize how little attention you pay to all the times you like to be with them.

14. You have a passion. Sometimes, I think that’s all you need to lead a fulfilling life. It’s the only thing that no one can change in you, the thing that you can continue to achieve even if nothing else works.

15. You feel a sense of purpose beyond your own existence. There is something incredibly rewarding to give your life and energy to someone else. This gives you a goal to achieve other than your own satisfaction.

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