15 reasons that indicate that your cousins ​​are in fact best friends

Cousins, if you have a big family, you know what it is. You may not see them often (only at Christmas or New Year) or maybe they live in the street next door. Anyway, they make long family meals a little more bearable! How many unforgettable moments, nonsense together …

1. You act more like brothers than like cousins, and more like best friends than brothers.

2. Family meals are much more fun when you have a good group of cousins. You talk about holidays, go out after dinner or watch your parents who never miss an opportunity to confirm their reputation.

3. Cousins ​​know the ins and outs of your family. In the group, you all agree to say who is crazy and who is not in the entourage. On the other hand, if your parents accuse each other of madness, then everyone avoids the question.

4. They know your grandmother’s talent for cooking and they appreciate it as everyone should do in your opinion.

5. They lost their grandparents at the same time as you, had little cousins ​​at the same time as you, went through family crises at the same time as you. They were there to congratulate you in your moments of glory, and always there to comfort you in your moments of sorrow. So, of course, your relationship is like no other.

6. You are still far enough away from spending time together if you do not want to. But you obviously choose to do it, and that’s the most important thing about your relationship.

7. They are constantly talking about old holiday memories, birthday parties you’ve been together with, boyfriends or girlfriends that you introduced to your family.

8. Each of you secretly believes that he or she is the preferred grandparent. And that while everyone knows very well (if there are any) who are the darlings.

9. Groups are by age (in tens of years). The children stay together, the teens stay together, those in their twenties stay together, the thirties stay together, and so on.

10. There is always a young cousin who gets on very well with an older person. They can be 60 or even 70 years apart, but they act like buddies. And obviously, everyone finds it normal.

11. Because in the end, age forms groups, but does not distance them from each other.

12. You spent your childhood with them, in their homes, with their parents (your second parents for that matter). You fought like brothers and sisters for toys or little things. But in the end, you knew it was quickly forgotten.

13. You know all about your respective parents and their stories and love the heated talk, you have gotten into the habit of standing back and enjoying the show.

14. They were your first best friends. The type of rather rare friends who stay close to you for very long years. You’ve already talked about how each of you would get married, how would his children be, what work he would have. You also thought that it would be really nice when your kids were playing together.

15. Because you are more than just friends. You have the same blood. The bonds that bind you are powerful, the pride and fidelity you have for your family are flawless. A friend is someone will be there when you need him. A cousin, he is someone who will be there anyway because there is always to eat at grandmother!

Source: 15 Reasons That Your Cousins ​​Are Actually The Best Friends That Exist Cousins: ThoughtCatalog

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