15 photos that will convince you that Iceland belongs to another planet

With huge volcanoes, erupting geysers, great glaciers and majestic waterfalls, Iceland has a little something of every part of the world. However, especially for photographers, Iceland is like a dream. The Nordic country, which lies between the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean, is one of the least populated countries in Europe yet millions of photographers around the world are attracted by its magnificent beauty.

Photographer JorunnSjofn Gudlaugsdottir said about his photo above, which he called Green Carpet: “Iceland is known for its vast fields of endless mossy lava and sometimes driving, you are completely on another planet .

Many do not know what to expect, but are overwhelmed by its natural beauty. “Jkulsrln” is a name that every photographer and anyone who has visited Iceland remembers. A beautiful place but very accessible. A place where fiction and reality meet once the sun goes down, playing hide-and-seek with a thick layer of warm, bright clouds. I first met this lagoon in the middle of an afternoon.

I was very disappointed: the lights were rough, the place was crowded and vehicles were sailing and leaving the lagoon with many tourists on board. No, my first appointment was far from what is called a success … But something happened and I came back in the “evening”, around 23h, for the sunset. I immediately fell in love. “

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