15 baby animals that should not be allowed to be so cute

There is just something incredibly cute about these little animals and it’s impossible not to smile. Here are fifteen fantastic baby animal pictures from the web and we are sure you will fall in love with each one of them.

1) Baby chinchilla

Chinchillas are endangered and not very common, which makes them particularly adorable. Rodents, slightly larger than a squirrel, are native to the Andes.

2) Lapereau

They do not really look like adult rabbits, and rabbits are often confused with other animal species. Their charming black fur certainly has a tendency to make people smile.

3) Kangaroo baby

Have you ever wondered what kangaroos are for? To carry their adorable babies, of course.

4) Baby turtle

If you think turtles are slow and boring, think again! Some turtles will melt your heart, especially this little guy who seems to get used to his shell.

5) Baby hedgehogs

Even if the hedgehog adults are already adorable, the super small size of baby hedgehogs is really a sight to behold.

6) Colombes

Source: Pinterest

Seeing a doe chick can be a little scary at first because we are not used to seeing them without their feathers. But when they are smaller, there is an undeniable kindness factor before they start pushing their plumage.

7) Baby Giraffe

Baby animals that should not be allowed to be so cute

The babies of these majestic animals look absolutely adorable. They already have their big size and their tasks, just in a little cute version.

8) Baby Hamster

This baby hamster is just cute!

9) Baby panda

There can be no possible doubt: really everyone loves pandas. A baby panda is even better, especially if it is fed by his mother.

10) Baby crocodile

It must be admitted that crocodiles do not get very high in the list of the cutest animals, but who could resist one of these babies?

11) Baby Chameleon

Chameleons do their best to stay subtle and blend in with the environment, and because of their size, chameleons are increasingly difficult to spot.

12) Baby camel

There is something very special about seeing a baby camel sitting right next to mom or dad. A mini-version ready to explore the world!

13) Thorny anteater

Source: Imgur

The family of thorny anteaters – sometimes called echidna – is native to Australia and parts of New Guinea and has a very characteristic fur with thorns. The funny part about their babies is that thorns have not developed yet, which gives great pictures like this one.

14) Wombat baby

Wombat babies are virtually indistinguishable from adult wombats because you would never expect to see them naked without their fur.

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