14 very important things that I would have liked my parents to tell me

– By meeting and focusing on the people who do what you want to do or who are experts in the subjects that interest you, you will be able to learn many important things for your future career.

– It’s useful and also nice to meet and chat with people who like the same things as you.

– Ask a lot of questions, it shows your interest and enthusiasts can talk about hours of their passions and love those who allow them to do so.

– It’s also thanks to a network like this that you will later find it easier to find work in the field that interests you.

10. Use your gifts, your skills, your strengths and become excellent

– If you are good sportsman, if you are good with your hands, if you play very well with an instrument, use this gift and become even better.

Know your strengths and use them to your advantage.

Become the best in at least one subject or activity. 11. Take 10 minutes a day just for you

Use this time to reflect, to dream, to plan your life, to change what you want to change. This moment can also allow you to remember the good times of the day and to appreciate even more the positive sides of life.

12. Dream!

You have the right and especially the duty to dream.

– Believe in your dreams, that’s how you will achieve them.

– Write your dream or your dreams on a piece of paper and make a plan of everything you need to do to achieve it. Then act!

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