13 plants and vegetables that you can grow indefinitely

Ginger can grow on its own if you replant it in potting soil. Make sure you choose rhizomes with green buds, they will have a better chance of growing. You can also exhume the root, cut some pieces to replant later if you wish.

4. Celery

Put the bottom of a celery stalk in water and the strain should start to grow back. After three days of soaking, transfer the growth into nutritious soil.

5. Lemongrass

Simply cut the lemongrass stalks into longer or shorter pieces, place them in water and wait for the roots to grow. After that, place them in the earth and watch them flourish.

6. Second

Plant leftover cloves of garlic in soil exposed to the sun. Be sure to cut the slightly scratched pieces so that the result is more tasty once the harvest time has arrived.

7 pineapple, which of course is a fruit and not a vegetable

You can grow a pineapple from its “crown” but it takes about three years. It takes a lot of patience and pamper the shoot. To do this you must cut the leaves, soak in water and then plant in soil once roots have started to grow.

8. The carrot tops

The ends of the carrots, put them in a dish with a little water. Put the dish in front of a well-lit window and you’ll have carrot tops to use as a garnish or salad.

9. The basil

Put some basil stalks in 10 cm of water and place them in direct sunlight. When the roots are about 5 cm long, you can plant them in pots to grow an entire plant of basil.

10. The Chinese cabbage

The Chinese cabbage can be regrown by placing the end of the root in the water in a well-lit place. In a week or two, you can transplant it into a pot with soil and grow a complete cabbage.

You can push back indefinitely:

11. The onions

Plant the end of the root in a pot or directly into the soil outside to repel it. You can harvest early and get fresh green onions or wait until the bulb is fully grown.

12. Coriander

Like basil, coriander can produce roots if the stems are placed in a glass of water. Once the roots are long enough, plant them only in a pot. In a few weeks, new branches will have grown, and in a few months you will have a whole plant.

13. The mushrooms

Plant mushrooms in the soil with compost or used ground coffee and leave them in a damp place, preferably where it will be cool at night. They can be difficult to grow, and in a few days the stems will either start to develop new heads or rot.

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