13 little tips still valid that have more than a century

In the 1900s, Gallaher’s brand cigarettes were known for the small collectible cards that were in each package. These collections are now worth small fortunes … There were so many little tricks for everyday life! Among all these tips, there was only one, that of quitting …

However, you will see that these few recommendations, more than a century old, are still valid today … and this wisdom of a bygone era can prove very useful, even in our time! mother and other little tricks forgotten in the meanders of time, these old maps have many things to teach us …

1. Remove a splinter easily

“Fill a bottle or bottle with a rather wide neck with hot water, almost to the brink. Then squeeze the mouth against where the splinter is. The suction will suck the skin, and the steam will soon finish to deal with the splinter. “

2. Water the plants in your absence

“Fill a large basin or pot with fresh water, which should be placed higher than the plants. Then group as many plants as possible around. Roughly weave two or three woolen threads together, immerse the wool completely in the water, then place one of the ends in the water, touching it so that it touches the bottom of the container. Place the other end in the ground. It is advisable to make a wick for each pot. “

3. Light a match in high winds

The familiar difficulty of using a match when there is wind can be largely overcome, if you chisel thin pieces of wood near the head of the match, as shown in the illustration . When the match ignites, the pieces will catch fire at the same time; the flame is stronger, and is more likely to last. “

4. Make a makeshift fire extinguisher

“Place 500g, salt and a half pound of ammonium chloride in two liters of water, then bottle the mixture in bottles of fine glass, about 1 liter each. If a fire breaks out, break one or more bottles in the flames. This should stop even the most serious fire starts. “

5. Design a water filter

“This handy device can help you filter water very efficiently. You need a simple zinc bucket, perfectly clean, pierced with a hole in which you insert a pipe as shown in the illustration. The water must pass through alternate layers of fine sand, then coarse sand, then gravel and finally larger stones. The water at the bottom will be clear like spring water. “

6. Save a person who has suffered an electric shock

“If a person is electrocuted, do not try to touch him if his hand is still in contact with the power source. Protect your hands with plastic gloves, a waterproof jacket or several layers of dry fabrics. Preferably and wherever possible, place your feet on glass or dry wood. Try to break the ignition or turn off the power, then call a doctor immediately. “

7. Stop a mad dog

“A stick, a hat or even a simple handkerchief can be held in front of you, as illustrated here. Invariably, by his instinct, the dog will first try to put down this defense before attacking you. “

8. Cut down a tree

“After deciding where you want the tree to fall, first bevel down and make a second straight cut to make a notch, as shown in the illustration. When you are halfway, make a new cut on the opposite side, a few inches higher. Finally, pull the tree on the ground with a rope. “

9. Keep eggs sustainably

“To preserve eggs, they must be freshly laid. Simply place the eggs in a box filled with coarse salt, covering them completely, and placing the container in a cool, dry place. It is possible to keep them for a very long time! Be careful, no place on the shell should be in contact with air. “

10. Optimize the space of your stove

Place a metal plate, if possible cast iron, of a suitable size on your stove or wood stove. The plate will redistribute the heat, which can be used to cook or heat several things at once. The pan that requires the most heat can be placed directly above the place where the fire is “

11. Make a trough for your animals

“This is a great way to make a very simple water bowl for your pets. Plant a stake in the ground, then attach a bottle filled with water. The bottle is placed upside down in the bowl, so that the water flows as you go, as in the drawing. The basin will fill up as the animals drink the water. “

12. Separate two glued glasses

“When two cups of glass are stuck together, you run the risk that they will burst in your hands if you try to separate them by pulling. The simplest and most effective way of separating them is to fill the top glass with cold water, and to place the bottom glass in hot water. Both containers will separate immediately. “

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