13 arguments that cats are prodigious creatures

You find that your cat has crazy abilities, you find it amazing and surprising? It’s normal, these balls of hair are fabulous! And for those, if there are any left, who would not be convinced, then this article will prove it to you …

13 reasons why cats are just stupendous:

1. All cats are born with ninja abilities, it’s innate. 2. They are the most devious of thieves, and they have no remorse.

3. Felines are experts in the art of hiding. Finally, almost all the time.

4. Few people know, but cats can become liquid.

5. When they feel like it, they can turn into totally new creatures.

6. A cat can fit in any box. And he will do it.

7. Gravity has no effect on cats.

8. They do not need to respect your nap rules.

9. They may even be able to see through the walls.

10. The gates do not stop them because they are the kings of the escape.

11. They can win against creatures twice their size.

12. When they wish, cats can alter the laws of physics.

13. And more importantly, cats are simply the coolest people on the planet.

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