12 ways to grow vegetables and plants everywhere

This gardener managed to grow his salads in large cut plastic bottles. The bottles of good quality are a priori harmless, according to information seen on different forums, but if you have cheap bottles or if you are in a country where there are poor plastics, ask about the products anyway they can contain.

3. Suspended bottled culture

Observe how the cutting was done and the height of the earth, so that the plant can bloom beyond the bottle.

4. Recycling of fruit juice bricks

This is a good idea to grow small plants or spices, and give a second life to these sealed containers!

5. Cash box culture

Since we must strive towards a world without money, your cash box will no longer be useful! Unless you plant there.

6. Log culture

Use your logs as pots and fill them with earth, to create 100% organic containers!

7. Grow vegetables and plants everywhere: Gardening at the box

The different plants are grown in wooden crates. One could imagine that they are movable (not clear on the photo), to allow a beginner to change their location, in case the initial location does not have enough sun for example.

8. 3D culture in tube # 1

This method is suitable for those who have little place, especially in the slums of poor countries: we take advantage of the 3 dimensions of space with a tube filled with earth and pebbles, pierced at regular intervals where we will sow plants.

9. 3D tube culture # 2

Another picture showing the tube at day of planting, and at development 1 month later.

10. Grow vegetables and plants everywhere: Intensive culture in bottles

A very productive example of culture in recycled containers: bottles, oil cans, barrels, crates etc.

11. Rolling toilet paper

You never think about it, but recycle PQ rolls like this, it’s handy for small plants requiring little space and deep soil! It should also be tested with the roll of paper towel and the principle presented in photos 8 and 9, and see if the installation is stable in balance.

12. Glass greenhouse cultivation

A non-mobile installation, but for building workers who have recovered old windows: we can make verandas to protect and provide a greenhouse effect plants!

All arable land, gardens, public parks, fallow land, sports fields, corporate green spaces, must be cultivated! We must more than double production to watch for self-sufficiency and avoid food shortages! (Currency of the Swiss, during the Wahlen Plan of the Second World War.)

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