12 things you do because you are an alpha personality

You do not analyze people’s messages and words too much just because it’s a waste of time. You believe in face-to-face behaviors, gestures, and personal interactions. You respond to people’s messages as soon as possible and it only means that you respect them, not that they interest you.

4. You do not spin around the bush.

The Alpha personality usually knows exactly what he / she wants and needs other people. A “Yes” means “Yes” and vice versa. If you have doubts or confusion, you will inform people by asking them some questions before making the final decisions.

5. You do not care what people say.

You do not live your life according to the norms of society because you have yours. You know very well that you can not satisfy everyone and your motto is, “If you do not bother me, I will not bother you.”

6. You prefer to stay alone rather than being with someone who does not share your values.

You choose to be single until you find someone who truly understands your dreams and goals. You want someone who challenges you and teaches you new things. You will be attracted to the person who has dreams as big as yours.

You will choose to be single until you find someone who does not consider you as a competitor, but as a partner. At the end of the day, you know that an Alpha personality loves you when he / she says, “I do not need you, but I want you”.

7. You are always busy doing things you love.

You have so many goals and dreams that you pursue and you always find yourself doing something you love. You are passionate about your life and you are always happy to learn new things.

8. You are not afraid to miss something.

It is perfectly acceptable for you not to know the latest news from people. You realize that you do not have to know all the dramas of other people, simply because you will only be able to follow the things that interest you.

But, when you have an interest in something, you will be the first person to know the latest news.

9. You like being alone.

You do not mind being alone, just because you are used to being independent. You like to associate with people who understand your values ​​and ideas. You do not mind going alone to places you really want to see, because you know exactly what you can do with or without.

10. You join the gesture to the word.

Your words will always be consistent with your behavior, because you can not and do not want to distort your attitudes in front of people. You are brave enough to talk or show your aversion or disagreement about something and you always have reasons to act in a certain way.

You are not afraid to be sarcastic either because it is your way of showing that you are simply honest.

11. You are brave enough to leave the relationship when it is toxic.

You leave the relationship when it is toxic to your inner being and you can recover whenever someone breaks your trust. This makes you more appreciative of those who always stay when you are depressed.

12. You treat people the way you would like to be treated.

Despite the fact that you have your own principles, you always listen and take into account the opinions of your loved ones.

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