12 Signs of your body that you can not ignore

Babbel believes that discomfort and pain can signal internal concerns: secrets, unspoken ones. Chronic illnesses are a symptom of stress and emotional problems, especially when the physical part is fine and there is no reason to have health problems.

12 Signs of your body that you can not ignore:

Head: You have a headache as you try to overcome obstacles

Headaches are the result of an overload of events. This can come from worrying about your future and knowing if your efforts will be rewarded, or for details, but also because you are always in a hurry.

Learn to rest without feeling guilty.

Take a little time each day for yourself. Relax and do not worry about your business for a moment. Rest and do not feel remorse for it. These “minutes of serenity” increase your efficiency and air your mind. And you will not have a headache anymore.

Neck: when you have a sore neck it means that you have grudges that do not leave you alone.

The unpleasant sensations in the neck area symbolize a load of grudges we feel towards other people, or our discontent with our own shortcomings. The neck hurts when we can not forgive someone or ourselves.

Evaluate your attitude towards yourself and others. Often people do not want to offend you. And you do not have to meet strict expectations. Try to be simpler towards the world and learn to forgive. You also have to think more often about the things you like.


The shoulders hurt you because of the pressure and the obligation to make decisions every day.

When you have a sore shoulder, it may mean that you are saturated with emotional stress or that you are constantly under pressure. Maybe someone around you harasses you, or you have to make a big decision, and this is a huge burden for you.

Solution: Share your problems with a friend, they will become less heavy

Try to share your problems with a close friend. You will feel relieved. Even if you simply tell what’s happening to you, it will help you stop supporting that weight alone. Or maybe he will find a simple solution to your problem.

The upper part of the back

If you have pain in the upper back, it is probably that you lack self-esteem and are afraid to love.

The pains in this area indicate a lack of emotional support, the lack of close friends at your side. When we feel, unconsciously, that no one loves us or values ​​us.

Solution: Open to feelings, open to the world! And play sports

Interact with different people. Do not focus on yourself alone, be open and friendly. Meet new people, make appointments. And, above all, do you love yourself!

The lower part of the back

The lower back can hurt because of your obsession with money and the fear of losing.

If you worry about money all the time, you may have pain in your lower back. Maybe your own dream of having a more luxurious life does not leave you alone, or your loved ones make you have to worry about material things.

Solution: Do what you love and the money will come!

Money does not make happiness, but in truth, it can help. Yet you must stop worrying yourself, the best things in life are free! Do what you like. The work you do with passion will bring you a lot of pleasure and tangible gains in the future.


Your elbows can hurt when you’re stubborn like a mule!

The pain in the elbows indicates a lack of flexibility and a refusal of commitments. You are probably in constant opposition to the changes in your life. Maybe you are afraid to accept new things, consciously or unconsciously.

Solution: Take a simpler attitude to life!

Sometimes life can seem difficult and hard. But it is not so. Maybe you complicate everything, simply. Be more flexible, do not spend your energy fighting against things you can not change.


You can hurt your hands because you do not interact with your friends.

People who need to have a friend often have pain in their hands. Those who do not relax by talking with others. If you have pain in your hands, it means that you have to leave your universe a little too limited.

Solution: Be open! Anyone can become your friend!

Try to make new friends. Dine with a colleague from the office. Go to the stadium, to a concert, mingle with others. Make new conversations with new people more easily because you never know where you will find true friendship.


You may have sore hips because of your fear of change

This type of pain can torment people who want at all costs to lead a predictable life with all the comfort. Pathological fear of change, lack of availability to change your lifestyle, and constant resistance to new things can cause hip pain.

Solution: Follow the natural course of life

Do not resist the natural evolution of life. Life changes, and is in perpetual movement that’s why it’s interesting. Think of the changes as interesting adventures. Do not delay important decisions.


When you have a strong ego, it can hurt your knees

The pain you have in your knees probably means that you have a huge ego. Knees hurt when we think too much about ourselves, and too little about others, when we are sure that the world is around us.

Solution: Be kind, be kinder

Look around you: you are not the only person in this world. Be more attentive to others. Listen to your loved ones, your friends, help your mom, support your colleagues. Help others more. Volunteer, for example.


When you are jealous, it can cause shin pain

The pain in this area is a sign of emotional overload. Irrational jealousy and love concerns make you suffer as well.

Solution: Trust your loved ones

You have to trust your partner. Relax and stop controlling the person you love, do not invent things that do not exist. And it may be time to give up the relations of the past, it is no longer worth thinking about it.


When your ankle hurts it can come from your repressed desires

Ankle pain means that we often forget ourselves. And we do not allow ourselves to experience pleasure. It may be that the work takes up all our time, or that we do not take our desires seriously, postponing them to later.

Solution: Slow down and make your dreams come true.

It’s time to start taking care of yourself. Buy what you want, sleep as much as you want, buy this sweetness so good. Forget for a moment your career, and think, for example, your relationship. You could plan the trip of your dreams, after all, why not?

The feet

If you have sore feet it can mean that you are desperate and apathetic

The explanation for this pain may be deep apathy. As if our body refused to continue. We are afraid to live, and to continue does not make sense to us. When we think unconsciously that everything is wrong, and that our life is a total failure, we have pain in our feet.

Solution against depression: Fill your life with love and happiness

Learn to pay attention to the small pleasures of life: the beauty of the outside world, the people around you. Enjoy the tastes, the smells, the wind and the sun. Adopt a pet or look for an interesting activity. Give meaning to your existence. Avoid painful memories and smile more often. Seeking happiness every day.


The conclusion is obvious: do you like, forgive yourself. Be more attentive to others and try to avoid grudges. Interact, smile (it suits you very well, smile), play sports and pay attention to your well-being and your health!

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