12 signals to spot before all others to avoid the worst!

Nobody knows your body better than yourself. You, you know when you have slept well, when you improve in sport, you know that you are rather a dynamic person, or who often hurts yours, or head. So when something is wrong, it’s also up to you to be alert and detect the anomaly quickly.

A migraine from time to time, that’s fine. But having a headache every day is disturbing.

We do not play with his health! Being aware of your symptoms can help you avoid serious things like cancer, a heart attack or a bad infection.

Here are 12 signals to spot before all others to avoid the worst:

1. Chest pain

Chest pain, especially on the heart, is a very important symptom to consider immediately. This can be a sign of a heart attack or a heart problem or clot.

If this pain is accompanied by sweating, nausea and difficulty breathing, do not wait and tell a doctor. You may have nothing bad, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

2. Sudden headaches

You have a sudden headache and far more unpleasant than all the headaches you have had so far. Contact your doctor. This could be a sign of an aneurysm rupture or a vessel that has exploded in your head.

It could affect your life expectancy. Nearly 5% of the population could live with an aneurysm rupture that has not been treated and can be re-triggered at any time.

3. Moments of confusion

You are suddenly disoriented, lost, you can not concentrate? This could indicate that you have a brain tumor, bleeding brain or an attack. It can also be due to infection, dehydration or a very low sugar level.

Anyway, you have to be clear about it. Go see your doctor right now!

4. Unexpected weight loss

You lost more than 5% of your weight in a short time? Know that many cancers have been detected by this symptom, rather serious even if it tends to please those who have trouble losing. So, do not be limited and go see a doctor, name!

You may have colon cancer, but also something less serious, such as diabetes, a thyroid problem or a small depression.

5. Have flashes of light

Seeing flashes of light, white stains or anything weird that hinders the view is not a good sign. Imagine: maybe your retina is coming off, which can make you blind. Go see your doctor.

These symptoms look harmless, but if you act quickly, you could save your sight. When in doubt, act.

6. Persistent fever

A strong, persistent fever indicates that your body is not doing well. He is fighting a type of infection. Urinary infection, meningitis, lymphoma, leukemia? That deserves a visit to the doctor, right?

You are unlikely to detect cancer with a fever, but whatever happens, you must get rid of this infection that depletes your body.

7. To be short of breath

If you just play sports, do not worry: it’s normal to have trouble catching your breath after two hours of gym. But if you take a lot of time to catch your breath and this moment of difficulty is accompanied by fever, circulation problem, or whistling in the chest, you know where to go.

Indeed, you could have a clot in the lungs, which can very quickly go wrong! Or a lung disease. Even if it’s asthma or extreme anxiety, you have to watch that.

8. Swollen legs

Your legs swell? This fluid that builds up instead of circulating normally means either you have a heart problem, a thyroid problem, or a circulation problem. You can still have a clot problem. Go see your doctor for more info.

9. Violent abdominal pain

A very bad digestion from time to time, it can happen. But experiencing severe abdominal pain is not normal, especially if it persists. You may have problems with your blood circulation, or appendicitis. If it is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, it may be gallstones.

Do not panic, these discomforts can be cured, but you must know how to find them and go to the doctor as soon as possible.

10. Constant fatigue

If you feel completely flat for several weeks, if you feel that this fatigue is abnormal and it prevents you from living normally, be sure that your body is fighting against any virus, which can be serious. Gastrointestinal cancer, anemia, hypothyroidism, depression.

Whatever happens, go see: it deserves to be treated!

11. Pain in the pelvis

Whether the pain is acute or mild, pain in the pelvic area may be a symptom of appendicitis, kidney infection, nerve problem, or hernia. You may even have a pelvic fracture?

Even if the pain is vague, as long as it is persistent, go consult. Nothing is supposed to hurt you in this part of the body. It is repeated: prevention is better than cure.

12. Go to the bathroom excessively

You realize that you go to the bathroom a lot more often for some time. Go consult. It may be nothing, but surely there is something that is putting pressure on your bladder. Whether it is benign or not, you must be clear.

It can also be a sign of a thyroid problem or a symptom related to a high rate of diabetes. Anyway, a little visit to the doctor can not hurt.

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