12 good reasons to smile

A smile is grandiose. It’s a light a little pink In the infinity of despair, It’s a star in the evening. A smile is a fragrance That spreads, that walks, It is a boat that brings a little hope to the deceased heart. A smile is a life And when, sometimes, one sees it, A little courage binds to the dream that does not finish! Paul BIRON ..

A smile is important when you want to raise your “level of happiness”. Happiness is a choice, and smiling helps to do it. It’s a great way to stand out while helping your body function better. It improves your general state of health, your level of stress and your attraction to people. And it’s also a good way to have a longer life.

12 good reasons to smile:

1. This will put you in a good mood

The next time you feel a little depressed, force yourself to smile. Chances are your mindset changes at the same time. It works in both directions: being happy makes you smile and smile makes you happy.

2. It will make you attractive

A smiling person is always more attractive. It is an undeniable factor. We want to know the reason for this smile. Well-being is attractive. Grimacing repels, smile attracts.

3. It’s contagious

When someone smiles, he radiates the room. Its effect is reflected on others. A smiling person always brings a little more. Smile a lot, and people will look for your company.

4 .This will put others at ease

Smile puts people at ease and allows you to have more social life.

5. Smile boosts our immune system

Smile helps the immune system work better. When you smile, the immune functions work better because you are more relaxed. No need for medication, avoid flu and colds with a smile.

12 good reasons to smile

6. It lowers blood pressure

When you smile, there is a noticeable reduction in blood pressure. Try at home if you have the equipment.

7. Smile releases endorphins, serotonin and natural tranquilizers.

Studies have shown that smile releases these substances in a natural way, responsible for the feeling of well-being. Smile is your new medicine.

8. This makes a natural facelift and rejuvenates

The muscles used to smile dispel wrinkles and make them younger. No botox or surgery. Smile more and stay young.

9. It gives the impression of being successful

Smiling people seem to be more confident, more likely to have a promotion and to be approached. Smile during your appointments and meetings and people will react differently to you.

10. This will help you stay positive.

Try this: smile. Now, try to think of something negative without losing your smile. Difficult is not it? When we smile, our body sends this message: “life is beautiful”. Avoid depression, stress and worry while smiling.

11. He helps in professional life

It is well known everything goes better with the smile and necessarily our professional relations improve.

12. Smile helps relieve stress

Stress can leave marks on the face. Smile helps us to appear less tired and exhausted. When you’re stressed, take the time to smile. Your stress will decrease.

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