12 buildings of our time that respect “Mother Nature”.

As humans make ‘progress’ on the construction of roads, buildings, new technologies, nature and wildlife are too often treated as a second class subject. Trees, forests and natural landscapes are often severely cut or torn to give way to new businesses, houses, factories or transport.

When we need to build something, maybe we can learn from these designers who have found a way to respect nature while achieving their goals. It may take a little work, but future generations will thank us for preserving the world in which they live.

Remember that the land was not given to you by your parents, it is lent to you by your children.

Preserving the earth and respecting nature is becoming more popular and believe it or not, it’s starting to make a difference. Here are 12 buildings that human beings have made respecting our mother nature to preserve the future.

1. Rings around a tree, Tokyo, Japan

Par Tezuka Architects

2. Tea House, Shanghai, China

Via Archi-Union

3. Tree in the house, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Via A. Masow Architects

4. The Tree and the fence

This may seem simple, but when this person decided to build a fence, they decided that the tree was important enough not to be cut. I bet it took some extra work to plan but they did not need to cut the tree.

Via Imgur / smallstone

5. A villa in Izmir, Turkey

Via Reddit / smartforever

6. Private Residence, West Virginia

It is not because of what you want to live in nature that you have to cut down trees. Here is an excellent example of how even smaller trees have been honored in the construction of a private residence.

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