11 things that those born in the mid-90s are experiencing

3. You are officially in the era of what you are going to do. “ Your whole life is defined by your future, not by what it is now. It’s the only thing people ask for, and really the only thing you can focus on.

4. You start coming out of phrases like “well, when I was in high school” or, “we did not have that when I was in school! And you continue with: “wow, I got a shot of old.”

5. You begin to befriend your brothers and sisters and enjoy all that your parents have done for you.

6. In one way or another, this is the first time you live alone, in college, in an apartment, whatever, and you complain about your electricity bills.

7. Before age 21, you think your life will completely change once you’re done. That you will go out with your friends, you will buy wine, and that it will be royal. After 21 years, you realize that this excitement lasted about a week, and now you have to pay for all your drinks and you’ve got the age to go out every night.

8. The celebrities that the idolatrous world are your age, or even younger.

9. All your friends are either abroad, have a university degree or have gone to another city or are married or have a job.

10. Nobody takes you seriously. Your parents still do not believe that you can fend for yourself, trying to hang out with someone over 25 is impossible, if not absolutely disastrous because no one wants to be with someone in their early 20s.

11. You start to see what the high school people have become and what they have done with their lives, how funny the party girl has become a mother and the gifted class has become a young media fan social.

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