11 things people do not know you do because of your anxiety

The future is a big trigger for you. You hate when people ask you what your plans are for the next five years. Having diplomas is very exciting for most people, but for you it can be incredibly intimidating and scary. You hate when people talk about their own future because it makes you feel like you’re not good enough.

2. Your anxiety gets worse when people are worried about you.

When people ask you if you are well when you have an anxiety attack, or when people come to see you when you have negative thoughts, your anxiety gets worse. Of course, they are all well-intentioned, but when others worry about you, you think “If they are worried, then I should worry even more for myself. “

3. You think it’s your fault if someone does not answer right away.

Whether it’s your good half, your best friend or your sister, you always go out when people do not answer you. Generally, when people do not answer you, you think it’s your fault. You still think you did something wrong, so they probably just forgot or did not have time to answer you.

4. You decline an invitation even when you really want to go.

Sometimes anxiety can be so disabling that you are unable to gather enough energy to go out. No matter how excited you were to go to this event, when the day comes and your anxiety is at its peak, you say no. You do not want to be a burden to others if you have to go, so you choose not to go, for you it’s the best solution.

5. You observe things that people would not even notice.

Everything obsesses you in your head. The things you observe will probably never cross the mind of someone who does not suffer from anxiety. Maybe you’re obsessed with a conversation you had last week, or how your boss looked at you the other day.

Perhaps you are obsessed with not having received a message from your partner’s day, and you are afraid of saying something that might have upset him. Be that as it may, people who do not suffer from anxiety have a hard time understanding why you are so obsessed with things that would not even matter to them.

11 things people do not know you do because of your anxiety

6. You constantly compare your success to others who are the same age as you.

You constantly see on Facebook that people of your age get the job they dreamed of, and you feel like your head is going to explode. You do not want to compare yourself to others, but sometimes your anxiety takes over and you can not do anything about it. You are afraid of not achieving your goals.

7. You constantly think about each of your mistakes

Especially if you make a mistake at work, it can obsess you and ruin your day, or even your week. You are constantly trying to make voting better, but when you accidentally send something you should not, or when you do something you were not supposed to do in the office, you can really get depressed. Anxiety can really be your worst enemy.

8. Some days you are too exhausted physically and mentally to get out of bed.

Some days, your anxiety can be so strong that you really feel unable to do anything other than lying in bed and crying. Sometimes you will need to take a few days off to rest your mind and body. Anxiety can have a big impact on our health, and it’s not something to take lightly. This can be really harmful, and many people do not understand the effects this can have on a person.

9. You are constantly replaying conversations in your head.

You try to avoid confrontation at all costs, as this worsens your anxiety. When you have an argument or even a conversation that seems nice to the other person, you keep thinking about it once it’s over. You can not get it out of your head and you always think that you said something wrong. It can really gnaw you from the inside, and you must always remember that it’s just your anxiety that speaks, and that everything is fine.

10. You wake up early in the morning, even when you are tired.

You still have sleep problems. You have trouble sleeping because you have a lot to digest and you spend the day you just spent. As your mind always seems to work, you always wake up early with worry in mind. You tend to wake up very early sometimes because you need to go ahead, and do everything in a timely manner. Sleeping is definitely a challenge for you because you can not turn off your anxiety once you are awake.

11. You constantly fear the worst case scenario in each situation.

Before a first appointment, you are convinced that it will go wrong. Before you go on a trip, you fear that everything will fall into the water. Before leaving on the road, you are afraid of accidents. When you get sick, you are afraid of having something really bad. The list is endless, and it sounds stupid for others, but your fears are real.

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