11 common plants that repel mosquitoes naturally

Did you know that insect sprays contain potentially harmful chemicals? They are particularly bad for children. I took a more natural approach to repelling these pesky mosquitoes, and part of that is planting mosquito plants.

11 common plants that repel mosquitoes naturally:

1. At Neptune plants

Both decorative and protective, its maintenance is easy and does not require water or soil. The Neptune plant has the particularity of generating odorous secretions that repel mosquitoes. To use it, just drop it where you want to keep the insects away. Although it tolerates moderate solar radiation, it is rather advisable to place it in the shade to benefit from its benefits.

2. Basilic (Ocimum basilicum)

For me, summer is not complete without some beautiful large basil bushes producing beautiful flowers that bees love and it is also the perfect plant for a variety of dishes. But he is not only good in the kitchen. When placed near doors, this aromatic herb deters mosquitoes and flies.

3. Geranium

Also known as pelargonium, geranium is a herbaceous plant of the family Geraniaceae. Its foliage generally gives off a pleasant scent according to the variety (mandarin, lemon, rose, coconut …). Geranium Lemongrass is often used as a mosquito repellent .

To use geranium optimally, you have to crease the foliage and apply this aggregate to the parts of your body (neck, legs, hands, etc.).

4. Thym citron (Thymus X citriodorus)

It’s another one of my favorite of the summer. This aromatic herb likes dry and sunny conditions and fits well as a vegetal cover along the paths. When you step on it, you crush the leaves causing it to release an aroma that mosquitoes hate!

5. The aurone

Aurone is a plant of the Asteraceae family. Used as a condiment or ornamental plant, it is also a powerful natural insecticide. Indeed, its smell repels mosquitoes and wasps. So you can just drop a small dried bunch in the house to hunt for pests.

6. Cataire (Nepeta Cataria)

This one is perfect if you have cats at home. This perennial plant blooms throughout the summer and dissuades mosquitoes very well. It is particularly effective if your cats get started. They will have the smell of the plant on them and then probably on you too. But it’s not a particularly powerful smell, so do not worry about it.

7 common plants that repel mosquitoes naturally:

7. Lemongrass (Cymbopogon nardus)

Lemongrass forms a tuft of grass, it is native to Asia and flowers in full sun. The plant is used to make lemongrass oil, commonly used as a repellent against pests and in most mosquito candles. It is not edible. It can also cause dermatitis for people with sensitive skin.

8. Sweet woodruff

The sweet woodruff is part of the family of plants called “Rubiaceae”. It is a plant whose perfume is very appreciated for its medicinal virtues. Sweet woodruff is known for its repulsive ability against all types of flying insects (mosquitoes, wasps, hornets …).

It can be grown in the garden or in pots on your terrace. You can also put a small dried bunch inside your home to block mosquitoes.

9. Menthe(Mentha spp.)

Any kind of mint will work, really. This plant is very easy to grow, but must be planted in pots, not in the soil. When planted in the ground, mint spreads and invades everything. You can rub the leaves on your skin for a scented mosquito repellent.

10. Melissa (Melissa officinalis)

Also a member of the mint family, lemon balm is said to be able to repel mosquitoes naturally with its lemony aroma. This plant, however, does not spread like mint so it can be planted without any problem. It is often resurrected every year, which can be nice if you want it to come back, but can also get it to become rather prolific.

11. Tulbaghia violacéa (parfum d’ail)

From summer to autumn, Tulbaghia produces large umbels terminal, formed of small lilac flowers, scented.

Sun exposure. Light soil, not too dry to cool. Quite rustic, until around -7 ° C. Deciduous foliage. Port Hérissé. Fragrant.

12. Pyrethrum

Commonly referred to as “Pyrethrum of Dalmatia”, this plant incorporates the large Asteraceae family. Pyrethrum is a herbaceous plant, recognized as an insect repellent. It has the ability to attack the nervous system of many insects, including mosquitoes. Thanks to its repellent effect against these, you can use it as a powder to protect your interior.

13. L’absinthe

Absinthe is a silvery-gray aromatic plant whose odor repels mosquitoes and wasps. Once dried, its leaves and flowers are an effective insecticide inside and outside the house

In addition to these, one must think of eliminating any factor conducive to the breeding of these insects around your home, such as stagnant water.

There is a bit of debate that these plants are effective at repelling mosquitoes and other insects. Some experts believe that these plants only release their repellent oils from mosquitoes when they are crushed. Others suggest that their presence is sufficient to keep mosquitoes away. In both cases, I like all these plants and there is no harm in keeping a little around, right?

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