11 character traits of truly authentic people

To be authentic is when the head is able to put the right words on what the heart feels. Authentic, it’s someone real or authentic. You can easily create a completely false or misleading life on social media and realize that you share your real life with people who do not know you intimately.

Being authentic means that not only do you not show a fake face to the world, but you are also happy and comfortable with yourself as you are. To be authentic is to have the courage to be yourself regardless of what people will think of you or what they will say behind your back. Authentic people are easily recognizable by their character traits, their actions, and the way they interact with the rest of the world.

Here are 11 character traits of truly authentic people:

They are courageous

They have the courage to be themselves and to be faithful to their ideals, even when things are not popular. They have the courage of their convictions and the strength to go to the end, even when the whole world is trying to lower them and bend them to their will. They do not succumb to social pressure and walk to their own drumbeat.

Authentic people stand out because they refuse to conform to what others think they should do. They have the courage to be the unique individual they are.

They live in the present

They do not dwell on their past, their regrets or their mistakes. They do not spend all day fantasizing about the future. They live in the present and they take things from day to day. Someone of real understanding that everyone is changing and that life is an everyday struggle to make the most of our short life on earth.

They are not afraid to express their opinions

Even though these differ greatly from those of others, truly authentic people do not keep quiet to please and they do not pray to express their opinion.

They are focused on the long term

Even though they live in the present, they have a plan for the future. They focus on long-term goals and not on short-term gains and do not seek to track trends. They know who they are and what they want and plan to achieve that in a reasonable amount of time.

They have character

They do what they say and do it when they say they will. They are reliable and honest. You can count on someone who is genuine because they take their actions.

They listen

If they talk to you, it’s because they want to hear what you have to say. Otherwise, they will not waste their time with you. You can tell them because they are not just waiting to answer with their own thoughts or opinions, they are just trying to digest what you tell them. They pay attention to the little things you tell them because they try to understand what you are telling them.

They are not judgmental

As they regularly review their mistakes, they do not judge others for their mistakes. They understand that mistakes are very valuable lessons and that they are necessary to evolve and change positively. They take others as they are, regardless of their color, orientation, background, or religion.

They do self-reflection

They spend time looking at each other to try to understand who and what they are, what they want from life and what kind of person they want to be in their life. They look at their mistakes without going into the obsession and try to use their mistakes to use them as a stepping stone to being a better person.

They are honest

As they are honest with themselves and their choices in life, they are completely honest with others. They hide nothing. They are open and honest about their opinions and thoughts. They do not see the need to deceive others about their intentions because they are sure of themselves and do not compete with others. The only thing that drives them to excel is themselves.

They respect each other

They do a lot of things to make sure they can always respect each other afterwards. They will not compromise their beliefs because they would not be able to look in the mirror the next day. They respect each other and take responsibility for their actions, which gives them integrity and strength of character, which they value more than money.

They are coherent

As they spend time thinking about their own actions and taking action, they are emotionally very consistent. They already know what they want. They know who and what they are. They follow the path they have chosen to follow and do not pursue ephemeral things like wealth or status.

They are inked in the here and now as they chart their future, they have planned everything. They are not undecided because they have already decided everything they wanted in life.

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