11 behaviors that repel people (and how to reverse them)

In life, certain behaviors are to be forgotten. It’s true, there are attitudes that do not allow a good life in society. So, when you want to live happily and surrounded by pleasant people, it’s better not to be too self-centered.

These harmful attitudes can lead to loneliness or personal ill-being but also to that of others. And it’s unfortunate, but we have all adopted at least once in our life behavior abominable towards others, without this being done on purpose …

Here are the 11 behaviors that repel people (and how to reverse them):


There is no doubt that the world could get better with more considerate and caring people. A small gesture of altruism can go a long way in keeping the people you love most in your life. Humans are by nature intuitive creatures and can feel if you are doing something with selfish intent. Just because people can not always act on this intuition, do not take advantage of them.

In order to live a happy life, you must learn to live and prosper with others, which requires giving up a part of yourself without looking for anything in return. Ironically, when you give of yourself without waiting, you go back.

To betray.

Betrayal is a choice, not a mistake, and not an excuse! If you decide to betray, and you manage to betray someone on something, do not think that person is a fool.

Know that this person trusts you much more than you would ever have deserved. Be better than that. Do not do immoral things just because you can. Do not cheat. Be honest with yourself and with everyone. Do the right things. Integrity is the essence of all success.

To be jealous of all those who are happy!

To be envious is a natural behavior. Even if we say that we are happy for each other, we can not help but feel a bit of envy inside us. Fortunately, nothing serious … We have all dreamed of being madly in love as such or earn a living like any other.

But patience … nothing serves to be jealous. Happiness comes knocking on the door of all those who wish it. The best is to provoke his chances of being happy by offering joy around us.

Take criticism too much to heart

Accepting criticism is sometimes very complicated for the ego, but it is what makes the most progress in life. How to learn, if nobody tells us when we do wrong?

So, when you make a remark a little negative, put yourself in question … Whether at the professional level, in love or even friendly, advice is always good to take.

Put yourself constantly in the position of victim

Adopting victim status is not necessarily beneficial for you. It is not because you are going to shout loudly that the problem does not come from you that the whole world will be more conciliatory and kind … The best way to live happily is to accept to be wrong and to assume when we acted like an idiot.

Its true no ? We prefer a hundred times a person who will take his actions rather than someone who will cry at our door to swear she did nothing …

Constantly rehash past failures

Failures are extremely difficult to cash. It’s clear, a relationship that has ended badly or a job that has turned into a nightmare, it’s often hard to forget.

But the most important thing after big failures is to get the best out of it and leave behind the bad times. It allows better progress in life rather than living on regrets and remorse.

Judge others without knowing them

We all tend to talk about others without knowing who they really are. It’s human, of course, but it’s really silly. Each person has a particularity that makes her a unique and interesting individual.

So, if you are tempted to blab on this or that person because she has a particular style or way of walking, forget about it … Try to know that person, only then you will make your own judgment.

Have only negative thoughts

Talking with a friend who sees life too pessimistically is frankly annoying. Imagine the situation, you want to have a good day, you are going to see a friend and the only thing he can say is: “what is this economic crisis hard, we will all finish unemployed and on the street “.

Needless to say that these people will end up boring everyone around them … The best is to be optimistic, live as if everything would succeed!

Act without compassion and with cruelty

Well, it’s true we do not live in the world of kissing … But the worst is to become cruel and without compassion for those around us. To be able to live happily in society, the best thing is to be open to others, to understand their difficulties and not to act as if we did not care!

Be understanding and above all generous to others.

Always need to be reassured before starting

Of course, we would always like to be told if what we are doing is good before acting. But in life, we will not always have someone who will be there to validate our every move.

Have confidence in yourself, assume your ideas and reveal them in due course.

To be too perfectionist and stubborn.

Like everything goes as you want, that things are arranged in their place, that life goes smoothly like a long calm river, it’s possible but what is boring … too predictable !

Stop being too perfectionist, let things happen sometimes without having to worry about everything. You will see, it’s really good!

Hide your true personality

If we hide our true personality, it is because we are afraid to reveal ourselves to others with our faults and our qualities. But what makes us strong is precisely to be different and unique.

So do not hide behind a mask, show the beauty of your person and you will see, life will be lighter like that.

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