10 Uses of lemon to know absolutely

The “Lemon” is a citrus fruit from the fruit of Lemon Tree (the famous Lemon tree). Lemon is not just a fruit rich in vitamin C, it is a powerful medicinal plant whose many virtues have been used for more than 3000 years. Lime (called lime) has medicinal properties very similar to Lemon. It effectively helps fight the flu, sore throats, headaches, colds, as well as a large number of diseases. This fruit is also a great help to stop bleeding, regulate blood pressure, promote digestion, cleanse the blood and skin, drain the lymph, promote the diet and weight loss … The very broad medicinal properties of Lemon thus make it a formidable Swiss knife of herbal medicine.

The lemon is indeed magical! In addition to its acidic but delicious taste that delights the taste buds, lemon is really multi-purpose. Here are some of these most unknown uses,

10 Uses of lemon to know absolutely:

  • Drinking lemon water every day helps cleanse the blood and eliminate the toxins that saturate it.
  • Lemon helps prevent bad breath and stops bleeding gums.
  • Lemon also helps to soothe toothaches.
  • Drinking a glass of warm water with a few drops of fasting lemon provides the body with a good dose of antioxidants that detoxify the body and neutralize free radicals that are largely responsible for the onset of cancer or aging. premature.
  • Antiseptic and antibacterial, lemon treats all infections of the throat.
  • Rich in potassium, lemon helps regulate blood pressure.
  • Rubbing her lemon nails embellishes them in addition to fortifying them.
  • To lighten your hair without going through the dye box, just mix 3/4 of a cup of water and 1/4 of a cup of lemon juice and rinse with her hair after shampooing.
  • The scent of lemon removes insects and especially mosquitoes.
  • Rubbing a lemon on the inside walls of the refrigerator helps to eliminate residues and get rid of bad odors.
  • Rubbing the cutting board with half a lemon disinfects it.

10 Uses of lemon to know absolutely

Lemon: Dosage, dosage

The daily consumption of Lemon or Lime is excellent for health, but its action is different outside and during meals. During the meal, lemon will promote digestion and will help the work of various digestive organs: including the liver, stomach, intestines and pancreas. Apart from the meal, Lemon has essentially a cleaning action. Lemon is used in the form of juice, but can also be eaten whole. Everything is good in Lemon, even pips (it is however advisable to avoid eating them when Lemon has been treated with chemicals). There are also essential oils based on lemon, which are a concentrate of the properties of lemon. There is no dosage per se for Lemon, but many herbal therapists advise to make lemon cures (especially between seasons) to restore good vitality and purify the body. A cure lasts an average of 2 to 3 weeks in a row, taking from 2 to 3 lemons a day the first week, then from 3 to 5 lemons a day the second, to go up to 10 lemons a day for people who tolerates it (we will gradually increase the dose, always with his feeling, to avoid the reactions of massive detoxification caused by / because of the lemon). A lemon juice cure is very effective in strengthening and purifying the body as a whole. It is also possible to add Lemon in different dishes or in herbal teas, for example against the flu and cold, by mixing in herbal tea: a few drops of Lemon with cinnamon honey and thyme. Lemon is also used as an essential oil, but be careful not to put it on the mucous membranes, as this could be very dangerous. Lemon can finally be used to preserve food or fresh vegetable (and plant) juices.

Lemon: Ultimate effects, benefits, virtues

Lemon is an antibiotic, antibacterial and antiseptic particularly powerful. Its action on viruses is just as interesting, but less broad than its antibacterial and antiseptic action which is active on many strains and germs. Lemon is therefore a good remedy for temporary tiredness and all winter ailments (chills, sore throats, headaches and flu). Lemon is also known to quickly stop all internal and external hemorrhages, while healing and disinfecting the skin (acne, oily skin, pimples, herpes, chapped skin, frostbite …): in herbal medicine, this is also one best remedies for nosebleeds and other cuts or wounds. Lemon and Lime are effective for cleaning the blood and lymph, while stimulating the pancreas and kidneys very effectively, it is also particularly effective for draining the liver and gallbladder (which makes it also a cure major in case of hangover or food poisoning or chemical). Lemon can also reduce hypertension, it should be noted that the regulation of blood pressure is even more effective when Lemon is associated with Garlic and Omega-3. Several studies have also demonstrated the antioxidant properties of Lemon, and its possible virtues to prevent and slow the progression of cancers and tumors, however these studies must be confirmed in particular to determine the role of Lemon on each cancer. It should be noted that these antioxidant virtues are still less powerful than the antioxidants contained in spices such as turmeric, cinnamon, clove and ginger.

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