10 reasons to bury used tea bags instead of throwing them away

Tea leaves contain tannic acid and nutrients that are natural fertilizers for the garden. As the tea leaves decompose, they release nutrients into the soil, creating an environment conducive to growing, according to The Gardening Cook.

3. Reduces garbage:

Burying your tea bags in the garden or throwing them on your compost pile helps to eliminate excess waste.

4. Tea bags keep pests at bay:

Used tea bags (and coffee grounds) will help keep insects away from your plants. The smell deters pests from eating your flowers and vegetables.

5. The smell of tea works also on cats:

Sprinkle coffee grounds or tea around your plants to prevent cats from urinating on them. (You can also do it with indoor plants).

6. Your bags can grow a garden:

Believe it or not, you can grow your own garden with tea bags, seeds, a plastic tub, water and a paper towel. You will sprout your seeds with tea bags and then plant them in the garden, according to the Kiwi Conservation Club.

7. Tea increases the decomposition of other foods:

If you use bags in your soil or compost pile, the acid in the tea can speed up the decomposition process of other foods in the compost bin, which means you can use the compost more quickly.

8. Worms eat tea leaves:

Worms can constantly consume tea leaves. Once they digest the leaves, they produce more “nutrient-rich” production, making your soil healthier for plant growth, according to VeggieGardener.

9. Tea bags help retain water:

Bury your tea bags near the roots of your plants, flowers and vegetables to help the plants conserve more water and stay healthier.

10. Tea bags help prevent the appearance of “weeds”:

When you bury your bags in the garden, they can help stop the growth of weeds (which means less work for you!).

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