10 problems facing people who are hard on themselves

You are already critical of yourself, so when someone confirms your flaws or mistakes, you can remember them for months and months and you will not be happy until you fix the problem.

3. They are never satisfied:

No matter how talented or compliments you get, you’ll always feel like you can do better or your work is not good enough. The smallest mistake can mean the end of the world for you.

4. They do not like to ask for help even when they need it:

You feel weak and can not help you. And when you ask for help, you feel like you are committing a crime. You want to do everything yourself and you do not want to disturb anyone.

5. They apologize a lot:

For what you did and what you did not do. You sometimes apologize for traffic, storms, or anything you can not control. Saying sorry comes to you naturally.

6. They do not know how to receive love:

You think you have so many things to work and improve that it’s difficult for someone to love you. Even when someone loves you, you think it’s temporary, not real or not authentic. You expect people to move away from you once they know who you really are. That’s why you’re emotionally reserved and have a hard time letting people in. You are definitely your worst enemy.

7. They never believe in compliments:

If someone compliments you, you automatically think that he is nice to you or that he does not want to say what he thinks. And of course, you rarely make compliments.

8. They hate exposing their vulnerability:

You do not want people to know that you may not be as strong as you seem. You are known to be strong and resilient and you do not want that to change. You even hate being vulnerable with your close friends or family.

9. They think people will never forgive them:

If you make a small mistake or offend someone, you still believe that person will never forgive you for that and will remember it every time they see you. You fear that things will never be the same again. You expect people to be tough with you too.

10. They can not fall asleep peacefully:

The time to go to bed is the worst time for you because you replay everything you said in the day in your head and how it could have been better or what you should have said instead. And sometimes you remember things that happened years ago and you fight for it.

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