10 problems caused by functional anxiety

Although many people think that those who suffer are lazy and irresponsible, often this is not the case at all. Anxiety is much more serious than one might think, so here are 10 problems caused by functional anxiety:

1. Mental exhaustion

Sometimes, people who suffer from anxiety are so overwhelmed mentally that they simply need to sleep, or continue to sleep for hours, even if their physical body is completely rested and fit.

2. All conversations are analyzed later

These people often replay all their conversations in their head to find out if they have said something wrong, or if they could have done otherwise. It takes a lot of time and energy.

3. Important sleep problems

Sometimes people who suffer from anxiety do not get to sleep at night, partly because they are constantly thinking about many things that have happened during the day.

4. Focus on minor and insignificant details

Those who suffer from anxiety often scrutinize all the looks, gestures and words around them, because they are always afraid of doing something wrong, or someone can say something negative to their subject.

5. Imagine the worst scenarios

Humans who suffer from anxiety can not help but imagine the worst in any situation, even if everything seems to be going well. In fact, sometimes the attention becomes so sharp and constant that the physical illness ensues.

6. The future scares us

Living in the present is so difficult, if not almost impossible, that people who feel a strong anguish do not even want to imagine feeling that in the future (and all the time between the present and the future.)

7. Others’ concerns are considered professional diagnoses

If someone tells an anxious person that she does not look well, it causes serious concern, partly because she realizes that everyone can see her anxiety.

8. To worry chronically

Those who suffer from functional anxiety often hide their nerve habits in public, but they spend hours eating their nails, or have toers.

9. To think that everything is our fault

Whenever someone does not keep their word or something does not work out as expected, a person who suffers from anxiety usually thinks she is at fault, even if she has nothing to do with it.

10. Always compare and evaluate

Those who suffer from anxiety always feel that their peers are more successful than themselves and as human beings in general. It is extremely difficult not to give up when this way of thinking persists.

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