10 of the most amazing gems in the world

Our planet is full of incredible wonders: majestic trees, mighty mountains, mesmerizing oceans, and green valleys. There is always something beautiful around us at some point in our life. Including in the earth itself.

Stones, precious stones, minerals, all contain something interesting or useful, but some have another quality; they are simply breathtaking:

It is said that these 10 stones are the most beautiful in the world, what do you think?

1. The opal

This opal contains incredible patterns thanks to botryoid jasper encrustations, creating a “nebula” of incredible beauty.

2. The bismuth

Bismuth is a natural chemical element. It displays a rainbow of colors resembling futuristic coral that comes from another dimension.

3. Imperial Amethyst of Uruguay

Precious stones

It is the largest amethyst geode in the world. Discovered in Uruguay, it is now in the Crystal Caves Museum in Australia.

4. Labradorite

Labradorite is a stone found on some rocks. It is supposed to help improve communication with your higher self, and is used to help transform negative energy.

5. Azurite

Azure is a blue stone, resembling a starry sky. The deep blue hue usually gives a soothing sensation.

6. Rhodochrosite

The rhodochrosite of the Cavnic mine (Kapnikbanya), Maramures, Romania. This is the most wonderful anti-stress stone. It applies directly to the Solar Plexus Chakra to regulate its emotivity.

7. Scolecite

Precious stones

The scolecite is considered a crystal of high vibration. Prismatic columns develop independently of each other. It is particularly suitable for indigos, celestial beings, crystal … who will understand well its fine vibrations.

8. Chalcopyrite

Chalcopyrite is a yellow crystaline stone. Some look like gold, while others have a rainbow effect.

9. Bénitoite

Benitoite is a rare blue stone that becomes fluorescent under UV light. It is mainly found in serpentinite.

10. Fluorite

When the fluorite is pure, it is colorless. These are its impurities that give the colors of green, blue, purple, black and white.

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