10 mixed signals sent by men and their true meaning

Nowadays, women are constantly having to decipher the mixed signals sent by men. Most of the time, these signals are really simple to understand if we simply take off our blinders. Here are ten mixed signals that most men send and what they really mean.

10 mixed signals sent by men and their true meaning:

1. When he sends you messages randomly after disappearing to say something meaningless.

What he wants to say: he wants attention. Some men like to attract women’s attention and the best way to do it is to send something that is not too deep but always gives an answer.

2. When you reply to his message, and he does not answer even if he started the conversation.

What he wants to say: He just wants to know if you still think of him, he does not want to start again, he wants to know that he always has you as an option.

3. When he sends you messages all the time, but he never intends to meet you.

What he means: He just likes you enough but he does not see chemistry between you two. He does not see a future with you, but he likes your conversations and maybe likes to flirt with you, but it will stop there.

4. When it is cold after a few enjoyable appointments.

What he means: He sees others at the same time, or he may be seeing you while he was taking a break with his girlfriend. If you have not done anything crazy and started to walk away, ignore yourself and behave like “busy” all the time, then it is clear that there is someone else in sight.

5. When he starts sending you text messages more often after seeing you with another man.

What he means: He likes the thrill of hunting more than the satisfaction of capture. He just wants what he can not have, and wants to pat himself on the back so he can always have the woman he wants.

6. When he says he just wants to be a friend but continues to flirt with you.

What he wants to say: He always wants to keep you close to him, but now that he has made it clear that he is not interested in having a serious relationship, he thinks he can flirt with you more openly. without any conditions, because he was honest in his intentions.

7. When he calls you only late at night to go out

What he means: He is just physically attracted to you and he sees no point in spending quality time with you or getting to know you on a deeper level.

8. When he sends you messages and goes out with you but disappears on special occasions (birthdays, valentines day … etc)

What he means: He is not yet ready to be exclusive with you, so he spends a little time with you but he will not show up on your special occasions, so he does not need to affix a label or pave the way for you to have this ‘conversation’ with him.

9. When he only wants to go clubbing with you or he sends you only funny and stupid things.

What he wants to say: He only wants to have fun. He loves your company and loves the fun side, but he does not want a serious relationship with you, like dinners, deep conversations and quiet Sundays. He just wants to party and have fun with you.

10. When he says he is not ready for a relationship, but knows what might happen in the future.

What he means: He’s not really ready or does not think you’re the only one, when he says “who knows what might happen in the future,” that’s his way of trying not to not completely break your heart, it is a kind of false hope. Anyway, do not wait until he’s ready and find a man who does not send you any of these mixed signals.

In general, men who are really interested in a woman will not send mixed signals or send them at first to test the field and then be honest and clear about what they want. Communication is the key to a good relationship and if you can not communicate openly and honestly with your partner, you will find yourself in a world of suffering.

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