10 facts about the functioning of the brain that prove that we are capable of everything

Our brain is amazing. It can help us reach new heights, make our most cherished dreams come true, and reach the most challenging goals. Yet, if we all want it, we must first understand the principles on which our brain works.

Here are 10 facts about the functioning of the brain that prove that we are capable of everything:

We can change our brain:

Any kind of activity does generate new neural connections to our brain. If we think we are not able to get promoted, this idea will only get stronger in our consciousness over time. But if you use the phrase “I will succeed” the brain will give you opportunities to achieve your goal.

For our brain, there is no difference between reality and imagination:

Our brain reacts to each thought and can not tell a fact from a fantasy. That’s why people who look at the world through pink glasses feel happier, which is why our body accepts a placebo as a true pharmaceutical product.

It is essential to stop from time to time:

To avoid drowning in thousands of negative thoughts, we must “stop” to pause our immune system. Do not forget the active rest: for our brain, it is the most useful relaxation style.

Mental work does not tire the brain:

We feel tired because of our emotions. The composition of the blood circulating in the brain during active work remains unchanged. Even if, for example, the blood in the veins of a man who worked all day changes considerably.

Our brain is insensitive to pain:

Our brains react to pain, but they do not feel it themselves because of the lack of necessary receptors. Although this fact does not affect many blood vessels, nerves and tissues that surround the brain.

Most often, the brain works automatically:

More than half of today’s thoughts are yesterday’s thoughts. This is why it is so difficult for pessimists to change their perception of the world. They literally “clean up” their brain and make it react to positive things more often.

We see what we think:

All thoughts turn into life experiences. For example, if you dream of a trip to London, you will see reminders of this city everywhere. If you want to change the world around you, change your thoughts.

Our brain needs training, like our muscles:

The brain is no different from the muscles: it also needs training. Learning, outdoor workouts, healthy eating, sleep, discovering new places, new activities, taking notes, dancing and even playing Tetris are all useful for your brain.

Our brain never rests:

Even when we sleep our brain still works. In addition, its activity during sleep is even higher than during the day.

It’s a good thing to forget because in this way we keep the flexibility of our nervous system:

To “save” new memories, our brains must get rid of the old ones. It would be nice if we could decide what to remember and what to forget. To do this, we must use the information we want to preserve more often.

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