10 clues to recognize toxic personalities

In his book “The Factory of the Wicked Man” (Odile Jacob, 2012), the psychoanalyst Dominique Barbier analyzes why our era is conducive to the development of toxic personalities . Without wishing to “cultivate a generalized social paranoia,” he explains here in ten points how to recognize them.

1. Toxic people are very psychologists

They guess the fantasies of their prey. With them, change is now, and to believe them, together, everything is possible. But it’s obviously misleading. This is only the strategic seduction intended to shoe the victim.

2. They know how to return situations with great skill

And present themselves as victims and lead to adherence to a false victimization. This is the reversal of the burden of proof.

3. These people have a huge capacity to blow hot and cold.

In their mouth, a nice sentence can be immediately followed by offensive words. Destabilized, the victim tends to find excuses for his executioner.

4. They are predators, vampires who do not respect the sovereignty of being and anemise their prey.

These, at their touch, feel tired, emptied. This feeling is very important, you have to learn to listen to it. Because fatigue means that the victim is intoxicated. Repetitive diseases are also a good indicator.

5. Toxic personalities empty their prey.

They drive away all people who want them (really) good.

6. When it feels like guilt for two

It’s because we are dealing with a toxic personality. Because toxic personalities are impervious to guilt.

7. They are excellent strategists,

But they are not creators at all.

8. They sow doubt about the qualities and skills of others to disqualify them.

9. There is an inconsistency between their speech and their behavior.

Toxic personalities make altruistic remarks, but they only act in their interest.

10. They have no moral sense and an incredible ability to lie

Even for unimportant things. The impact of their lies, even purely gratuitous, reassures them of their ability to manipulate each other.

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